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Sunday self-care: Creating the ideal family evening routine

Family time is extremely valuable, therefore making an effort to spend time together as a family at least once a week is essential.

While Sundays should be dedicated to relaxing, the end of the week can be stressful, especially for parents. Why not start a Sunday evening routine that provides both relaxation, and the opportunity to spend valuable time with your family?

Take a late afternoon walk

It is important to encourage your children to exercise their bodies, even on weekends. Heading out for a late afternoon stroll at your local park is a great way to boost fitness and improve overall wellness, while allowing your children to explore the outdoors.

Prepare a healthy meal together

Now that you’ve returned from your stroll, it’s time to begin preparing a tasty and healthy Sunday dinner. Choose a family favourite that is high in nutrients. This might be something like a casserole, roast, or spaghetti bolognese. Whatever dinner you select, be sure to include some veggies. Nutrients are important for our children, as we all know, so make sure they get at least five a day.

Get the kids involved in the kitchen in whatever way you can. This might include cutting the veggies with child-safe tools or measuring them. Instead of viewing cooking as a job, consider it a pleasurable event in your Sunday nighty routine. Play some calming music while you’re cooking to help you relax.

Share a laugh

Find an activity that will allow you all to have fun together. This could be a board game or even a paint-by-numbers activity. Let each child choose their favourite board game, and spend an hour or two playing and catching up as a family. Even though we are always around our children, life may get in the way and it is unusual to get the opportunity to spend meaningful time together. Other families may choose to build a fort, have a dance party, or play hide & seek.

Read a book together as a family

After you’ve had some fun together, read a book as a family. This will allow you to spend more time as a family, but it will also allow the kids (and you) to thoroughly relax before going to bed.

Perhaps you could have a small discussion on what everyone loved about the book and ask if anyone has any suggestions for what they might want to read next time. Enjoy your calm evening routine, and both you and your children will be happier as a result!

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