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Shenrina Badri
1 minute read
27 Jul 2017
9:00 am

Some benefits of water

Shenrina Badri

Here are some of the amazing health benefits that water has to offer.

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Stay energised!

Drinking water helps to keep us hydrated and energised. Whenever you are feeling even mildly dehydrated, opt to have a glass of water. According to Medicine Net, studies have shown that ‘dehydration has been associated with increased fatigue, anger and confusion, as well as mood problems’.

Great digestive health

Water (together with fibre) is beneficial to avoid constipation. Apart from drinking water, try including foods that have a high water content in your diet plan.

Weight loss support

Drinking water can help you to lose weight as it affects our metabolism in a positive manner. We may often mistake thirst for hunger. In doing so, this may lead to an increase in calories from the foods we eat. Furthermore, if you drink more water, you may be less inclined to consume high calorie beverages such as juices and teas or coffee which can contain sugar and fats from milk.

Manage stress

Stay well hydrated and avoid feeling stressed. Consider keeping a water bottle with you and sip on water throughout the day.

Healthy skin

Water helps to promote a healthy skin and even helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles.

Prevent kidney stones

Staying well hydrated can help prevent you from getting kidney stones.

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