Tamlyn Cumings
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4 May 2018
1:43 pm

5 mistakes to avoid when decorating a small space

Tamlyn Cumings

Trying to make a small room seem bigger can be tricky, so find out what mistakes everyone makes in small spaces.

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When it comes to decorating smaller rooms, we often set out to save space and hope to make a room look bigger, while actually doing the opposite.

Here are five mistakes everyone makes in small spaces, and how to fix them.

1. Going mini

Your room might be small, but it isn’t a dollhouse! Rather than making you feel like a giant in a strange space, pick a statement piece of furniture – whether it be a couch, sideboard or corner cupboard – use it and own it.

The trick is to have less furniture instead of smaller furniture. Trust us, you’ll be surprised at the effect. Just be sure to play around with where you locate your furniture to optimise your use of space.

2. Pushing all your furniture against the walls

While you are trying to get the most out of the space available, pushing everything against the walls can make what could be a cosy space feel cramped and oddly sparse at the same time.

Leaving a bit of space between the furniture and walls creates the illusion of more space.

3. Using a tiny rug

Just because your space is smaller doesn’t mean you need to use a welcome mat as your rug! In fact, your room will look smaller, so rather go big – the bigger the better.

Your rug should take up almost the entire floor, and all your furniture sitting on it creates the illusion of a bigger space.

4. Leaving your walls naked

It’s assumed that smaller spaces should have bare or light walls. Painting your walls won’t automatically shrink your space if your furniture is in the right space.

Think of doing a feature wall with visually light or monochromatic art pieces and include a bunch of mirrors. Voila!

5. Clutter

This is when you need to be really strict – loads and loads of bits and bobs will make the space feel cluttered and smaller, so be clever and think carefully about every décor element.

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Use floating shelves and height to display items without taking up too much space.

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