Tamlyn Cumings
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19 Jul 2018
1:29 pm

5 ways to use avocado in your beauty routine

Tamlyn Cumings

Avocados may just be one of the best foods ever, but they’re also fab for your skin and hair.

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Is there anything better than an avocado? It’s the ultimate versatile food – guacamole, in a salad, on a burger, on toast, with breakfast (lunch and dinner), on a pizza … and as part of your beauty routine.

There really isn’t anything an avo can’t do. Avocados have more health benefits than we can count: one green guy has numerous nutrients, including good fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, potassium and so much more, making it oh-so good for you – both on the inside and on the outside.

With that in mind, you simply have to try out these five ways to use avocado in your beauty routine.

1. As an all-in-one face mask

Super hydrating, moisturising benefits from those healthy fats? Check. Antioxidants and amino acids to reduce the appearance of those pesky wrinkles? Check. A huge range of vitamins that remove acne-causing bacteria? Check. Fatty acids to get rid of inflammation and skin irritation? Check.

Yes, avos can fight wrinkles, acne and inflammation while adding a natural moisturising boost to your face. Convinced yet? Simply mash up an avo, slather it all over your face and neck, and leave it on for at least 15 minutes.

For extra benefits, you can add other pantry staples, like a squeeze of lemon juice, a bit of honey or a tablespoon of coconut oil.

2. Use avo on your hair and scalp

Frizzy hair or dry scalp? Bring on the avocado! Your hair will soak in the vitamin E and love the other nutrients and fats, leaving dry, frizzy hair silky smooth and all kinds of tame. The moisturising and nourishing benefits will also extend to your scalp, soothing dry, irritated patches and getting rid of those dreaded flakes.

Mash an avo – add some honey or olive oil if you wish – and massage into your scalp and hair. Leave on for 20 minutes, and shampoo and condition as normal.

3. As an SPF

Did you know avocado oil has a natural SPF of between 4 and 10? It might be low, but it means that if you use it on your hands or body the fat-filled oil shields rays from the skin, while nourishing and moisturising at the same time.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use products with a higher SPF if you’re going to be in the sun, but for a day spent covered up in the office, avocado oil provides some extra protection.

Hooray for a multi-tasking natural product!

4. To treat sunburn

We all have forgetful days, and if you forgot the step above, mash up some avo and place it on the burnt areas; the antioxidants and oils will not only soothe your skin, but speed up the healing.

For an extra boost, add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Natural and effective.

5. As a hand scrub

Your hands are one of the first parts of your body to show signs of ageing because they are regularly exposed to the elements, and tend to get dry and rough pretty easily. The moisturising and nourishing properties of avocado will treat your hands like never before.

Mash half an avocado with some extra-virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of sugar, leave it on your hands for five to 10 minutes and soak in warm water. An added bonus: your nails will love the avo, too!

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