Tamlyn Cumings
3 minute read
30 Jul 2018
10:44 am

Beauty essentials you need to keep in your handbag

Tamlyn Cumings

Your handbag may be resembling Mary Poppins’ bag these days, but as long as you’ve got these essentials inside, you’ll be ok!

While everyone has their own must-haves, these beauty essentials should be in everyone’s handbag at all times…

Handbags are pretty much security blankets for adults; there’s no denying that we’d feel completely lost without them, and no, it’s not because of the car keys, wallet, snacks and random kid’s toys in there, it’s those beauty products that help up survive adulting.

That fail-safe lipstick

Whether it’s a bold red, a neutral brown, a lush coral or a pretty pink, we all have that one specific lippie that we just cannot live without. Our advice? Buy more than one, and make sure that you always have one of them in your handbag – a girl never knows when she’s going to need that confidence-boosting lipstick!

A travel-sized dry shampoo

Say it with us: thank goodness for dry shampoo! This little gem has come to the rescue on many occasions, which is exactly why you should never be caught without it.

Not only does it get rid of excess oil (running late after your morning gym session? No worries!), but it also adds a bit of volume and life to your hair, which could be the exact midday pick-me-up you need.


The ultimate in handbag beauty essentials since, as much as we try to make our make-up last all day long, it always seems to wear thin by the end of the day (probably due to that bad habit of touching our face that most of us have!).

And then there’s the fact that those dreaded little zits always pop up in the middle of the day, right before that big meeting.

Keeping concealer on hand allows you to touch up your make-up and hide that unfriendly blemish before anyone else even sees it. Phew!

A sanitising hand cream

You never know when you’re going to have to deal with something you’d rather not touch or when you have to open the door after you just saw your co-worker sneeze into his hand before doing the same. A hand sanitiser is an absolute must for every handbag, but normal ones can dry out your skin due to their alcohol content, which is why you should opt for one in the form of a hand cream… two birds, one stone. Or, if space isn’t an issue, get a hand cream and a hand sanitiser.

Lip balm

Nothing is worse than dry, chapped lips, which is why you should never leave the house without a great lip balm. Not only will it moisturise and soothe your lips, it can also double up as a clear gloss on those terrible days you forgot to throw that fail-safe lippie into your handbag.

A fragrance

This is where you can put all those perfume samples you’ve been collecting from your favourite magazine to use… those small fragrances are perfect to keep in your handbag, and you’ll be surprised how refreshed you feel after a little spritz. You’ll be extra thankful for this one when you didn’t make it home before that dinner date!

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