Monique van Wyk
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19 Dec 2018
9:19 am

Stats reveal how nations celebrate the festive season

Monique van Wyk

Nations from all around the world were recently surveyed by discount website Picodi and some interesting facts were uncovered.

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As the Christmas season peaks, millions of eager festive shoppers are spending time and money to make it a memorable festive season.

Nations from all around the world were recently surveyed by discount and coupon website Picodi, and some interesting facts were uncovered by the 13,000 people that participated in the global survey, reports Alberton Record.

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Gift and festivity spending

The Czech Republic spends the most money over the Christmas season. Image: Twitter/@besttravelbook

According to Picodi, the Czech Republic spends the most money over the festive season, clocking in at $527 (approximately R7,500) in total on gifts, food, and new outfits.

Turkey spends the least around Christmas time, at $95 (approximately R1,300) in total.

The Czech Republic also spends the most on gifts at $307 (approximately R4,400). Spain spends the most on food at $206 (approximately R2,900), and the UK spends the most on outfits at $123 (approximately R1,700).

Christmas Day celebrations

86% of South Africans spend Christmas at home, while 14% spend it at a friend’s house, according to the survey.

The average South African spends R1,614 on Christmas food.

Worst and best gifts

The least desirable gifts to give to others include sweets (48%), toys (43%), alcohol (33%), and Christmas cards (29%). None of these items seems that terrible, though.

However, 48% of South Africans agreed the most desirable gift to purchase for a loved one is jewellery. Money also ranked high, with 43% of people saying this was a desirable gift. Clothes and perfume also made the cut, with both being recommended by 43% of South Africans.

Picodi is a website aimed at getting consumers to spend the least amount of money for a desired item. It operates in 41 countries around the world.

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