Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
24 Jul 2014
1:00 pm

The Lo Down: Hair tips and trends

Leigh Crymble

Master stylist and partner at two Carlton Hair salons in Johannesburg, David Gillson is an expert in all things hair and travels the world to attend hair trend and style workshops.

Master stylist David Gillson. Picture supplied by Carlton-Hair.

We convinced him to put down his styling scissors for long enough to talk to us about the latest hair tips and trends.


What is hot in the world of hair trends?

There are a few styles that I’m seeing more and more overseas that will undoubtedly become big in South Africa. Firstly, the ‘K-Pop’ style which is a funky look for young rebels wanting to embrace street style. It takes its inspiration from Japanese popular culture with lines of pastel colour and bleached hair best achieved using the Davines Pure Colour Range. Another popular trend for the less daring is what’s called the ‘surfer girl’ which is a deconstructed style with a textured messy bun, side swept, or curls that have a matte finish.


As we move into spring, what hair trend should we leave behind?

Traditional highlights are now passé – and the flamboyage technique has taken their place. With this technique, hair is seen as fabric and is coloured with clear mesh strips so that hairdressers can see the colour change process in real time. With smaller amounts of hair being coloured, this means healthier, more natural-looking hair and is a great option for men because it’s very subtle. With flamboyage your colour lasts longer and works out cheaper too.


What if you want to avoid damage from colouring your hair?

I’d recommend using the range ‘A New Colour’ from the Davines brand. This is ammonia-free as well as free from parabens but still gives you a vibrant colour and total coverage regardless of your hair type. You can push out having your hair coloured to around six weeks and with natural colour, it’ll last even longer. Hair needs a lot more maintenance when you colour it with a shade far from your natural tone.


Any quick tips for healthy hair for the rest of winter?

Winter dries out your skin and hair so the number one rule is to moisturise. Use moisturising homecare products that deeply hydrate and try get to a salon for regular replumping treatments too.


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