Anne Brönn
3 minute read
15 Oct 2019
10:55 am

How to prepare for a hike in the Karoo

Anne Brönn

Put on your hiking shoes and strap on your backpack because the Karoo and its people will welcome you with open arms.

Picture: iStock

What better way to explore South Africa’s diverse locations on foot? I like walking – it’s good for the soul. I like travelling. I like discovering new places. And that’s exactly what you do on the Heuningland Karoo hike; you experience the Karoo in all its raw, natural, unpretentious glory. Here are a few tips to help you prepare: Get your feet moving The hike is technically not difficult. But don’t be fooled – hiking the Karoo is no stroll in the park. The long distances, heat and wind will take its toll. If, however, you are hiking fit and...