Leigh Crymble
2 minute read
31 Jul 2014
1:00 pm

The Lo Down: Thinking about going natural?

Leigh Crymble

Johannesburg-based lifestyle blogger, Wisaal Anderson, made the decision to ‘go natural’ with her hair just under three years ago and is now well-known in the South African beauty world for her insights on kinky, curly textured hair.

WisaalAnderson. Picture: Supplied.

If you’ve been thinking about trying this yourself, here are her five tips.


1. It’s doable

“Caring for your hair needs consistency so be prepared to invest the time and energy regularly for the results you want,” begins Anderson. “Will I look ok? What if I hate the look? How will my friends, family, colleagues react?” These are all valid concerns, according to Anderson, and your hair ‘journey’ is a personal process. She recommends joining the South African Naturals on Facebook and attending hair events like the Healthy Hair Indaba to learn more about how to look after your hair.


2. Know your products

The internet is a great resource for naturals but has the potential to overload you with (sometimes contradictory) information. “When I started out I avoided all sulphates, silicones, and mineral oils but as time’s gone on, I’ve eased up on those rules.” For Anderson, the bottom line is to get to know your hair and what it likes.


3. Moisture, moisture, moisture

“Water is not the enemy most of us think it is,” she says. “It’s the ultimate moisturiser and often the first-listed ingredient for conditioners. Moisturised hair is easier to manage and style, and it breaks less,” Anderson adds. She suggests opting for deep conditioners and not to forget balancing moisture with protein for best results.

A few of Wisaal Anderson's looks. Picture: Supplied.

A few of Wisaal Anderson’s looks. Picture: Supplied.


4. Handle with care

In every interaction with your hair, be it yourself or with a hairdresser, treat your hair as fragile. “Remember that your ends are the oldest part of the hair so most likely to break and therefore need extra care. Often women think their hair isn’t growing but the truth is it’s just breaking off at the ends, negating the growth,” Anderson warns. “Similarly our edges are our newest hair and need care too. Leave them out when braiding and never pull on them.”


5. Your hair deserves satin

You spend 6 to 8 hours a night asleep – that’s a whopping third of the day so invest in linen that protects the hair. Satin aids in smoothing the cuticle and doesn’t draw (precious!) moisture from your hair like other fabrics can. “If a satin scarf isn’t your thing, swap it for a satin pillowcase instead – it’s good for your skin too!”


Win with Wisaal!

Finding salons that can handle natural hair with the necessary TLC hasn’t been easy and Wisaal recommends a recent discovery, Candi & Co in Randburg Mall. Check out her review and enter here to stand in line to win a hair makeover at Candi & Co for you and a friend worth R1500. Competition ends Friday 15 August. Ts & Cs apply.


For more natural hair tips and trends, follow Wisaal on twitter @Wisaal or visit her blog