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31 Mar 2021
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Five ways to achieve ageless beauty like Noxolo Grootboom

Thami Kwazi

SABC1 Xhosa newsreader Noxolo Grootboom did her last broadcast last night. Viewers marveled at the fact that she doesn't age.

SABC1 newsreader Noxolo Grootboom has retired after 37 years in broadcasting.

As images of former SABC 1 Xhosa News veteran, Noxolo Grootboom did the rounds on the next, viewers couldn’t help noticing how she hasn’t aged a day in her illustrious 37-year career.

There are simple methods to use to keep your skin looking youthful without having to spend too much money.


SABC1 newsreader Noxolo Grootboom, Image supplied


Determine what skin type you have from oil to dry or acne-prone. This is best done by vising a skincare range counter at a pharmacy or store like Dis-Chem or Clicks.

Once this is decided upon, getting the correct cleaners that are easy.

Cleansers help clean the dead debris that sits atop the skin and the daily natural pollution our skins under-go as a result of the immediate environment we are exposed to. Cleansers come in soap, liquid soap, or foam format.

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Depending on the skin type the tone can contain alcohol, or smoothing and cleaning liquids. Toners are beneficial when removing extra dry skin.

Or rough skin that simply won’t budge from cleansing. If you find the tone too harsh rather ask your skincare expert for a toner with no alcohol.

Sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30

The biggest misconception is darker skin doesn’t need a sun protection factor(SPF) , it does. New skin that results from good cleansing and toning needs at least an SPF 30 to protect it from going darker which results in pigmentation and appearing dull.

When the skin has a patchy appearance it will immediately result in looking older and tired. Wearing sunscreen daily will prevent age spots and keep the skin looking youthful.

Day moisturisers

Moisturisers also keep your skin soft and supple. When skin is well moisturized it doesn’t dry out and look aged. A good non-oily moisturizer is a key to delaying the appearance of lines and spots.

What’s needed is a non-comedogenic means that a product contains ingredients that will not clog or block the pores on your skin, resulting in break-outs.

Night serum

The cell turnover that skin does at night is not to be neglected. Night serums are  all  the rage and usually go well, when paired with a night cream. They are particularly effective in the winter months when the air is dry and harsh.

It’s always advisable to go with brands from the same range to prevent skin reactions or flare-ups. Give your skin six weeks before seeing a difference.

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