Lerato Maimela
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1 Apr 2021
12:38 pm

Boity on new drink: ‘More ownership instead being an ambassador’

Lerato Maimela

'BT Signature is kind of in line with owning your thrown, because whatever you put your signature on, it becomes yours' - Boity

Boity Thulo tastes her new peach frizzante - BT Signature. Picture: Twitter

South African television personality and artist Boity Thulo surprised her fans with the announcement of her brand new alcoholic (also available in non-alcoholic) beverage called BT Signature.

The beverage is a peach frizzante and can be bought from the shelves of Shoprite and Shoprite liquor stores from today, 1 April.


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The Citizen spoke to Boity about her new business venture. Here is what she had to say:

You have now gone into the beverage industry. What was the inspiration behind this?

It’s been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m fully in the mindset of “if you can’t find it in the market, then you must create it”. I felt like it was the right timing, and when the opportunity presented itself I felt that there was no reason to not jump into it, because it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. I just didn’t know when or how.

What is it that you feel was lacking in the market? 

I feel like when it comes to ready to drink products some tend to be too sweet, or the artificial sweeteners always leave that weird after taste that does not land well on the pallet, so I felt that I wanted  to create something which is natural, which tastes fantastic, which is premium quality and is enjoyable with every sip.

What made you decide on creating a non-alcoholic version of BT Signature?

I think my audience cannot be boxed into a specific group, so I wanted to tap into the element of being inclusive and making sure that everyone can enjoy the beverage without it being for a specific group of people. The bigger nudge was also the pandemic and the way in which the alcohol industry in South Africa is moving. We also wanted to be safe with regards to that, so that everyone can have access to this ready to drink beverage even if anything has to happen again, God forbid.

Will the non-alcoholic BT Signature be available in supermarkets?

Yes, they will both be available at Shoprite liquor stores, and the non-alcoholic beverage will be available in Shoprite stores. They are both launching just in time for the Easter weekend.

Is it only available in peach flavour, or are there other flavours?

Our first offering is the peach flavour. Obviously we are still going to expand, but we just felt that the peach should be the flavour we start with.

Why is that? Is peach your favourite flavour?

Peach is one my favourite flavours, and favourite colour. I felt like it matched what I feel peach represents in my life like happiness, fun and delightful. I felt it matched really well with the messaging around BT Signature. I felt it was a good one to start with.

How did you come up with the name BT Signature? It can’t be easy coming up with a name that is different.

BT is Boity Thulo. Signature is kind of in line with owning your thrown, because whatever you put your signature on, it becomes yours, so we’re all about people making their mark and owning their choices, being authentic and celebrating those moments. We want BT Signature to be a part of that journey.

Is there a specific distiller you are working with to make BT Signature? 

We do not work with a distillery, but the company is BTMK beverages, which is basically a collaboration with Boity and Matthew Krone. Matthew Krone is a celebrated wine maker. He is amazing.

Does this mean that you have equity  in that as well?

It is mine, yes. It belongs to myself and Matthew, so I think that’s a proud moment as well. It is the kind of journey I am trying to move towards as well, more ownership as opposed to just being the face or the ambassador. It motivates me to create more.

Lockdown has been fantastic for you. What has inspired you to pursue all of these amazing things? How are you doing it?

I think this is my version of YOLO. We are complex beings. We have so many things that we love and I would love to experience as many of those things as possible and to a certain extent turning them into business opportunities and to monetise them. I am having fun with it. I am going with the universe. I am not doing things because I must do them. Everything is a passion project. Everything I do is because it’s fulfilling. Also working with people and having a phenomenal team. They make it feel like everything is possible.

Additional reporting by Thami Kwazi

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