Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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1 Apr 2021
2:55 pm

April fool! The best pranks from today

Lerato Maimela

April's Fools Day has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, promoting the playing of practical jokes on others

Fun and safe April fools pranks. Picture: iStock

It is the first of April and people all over the world are celebrating April Fool’s Day with practical jokes played on others, often followed by the yelling of “April fool” to let people know that they have just been a victim of an April Fools joke.

Volkswagen rebrand

Volkswagen recrafted its social media pages on Tuesday and explained in a press release its newly changed name was a representation of its “future-forward investment in e-mobility”.

Company officials at VW kept the prank going for hours, but dropped it late Tuesday when VW spokesperson Mark Gillies announced in an email that the “Voltswagen” rebrand was a joke.


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THIS lab grown products prank

THIS, a company that creates vegan plant-based products that look and taste exactly like meat, has also joined in on the April Fools Day pranks. The company tricked its customers by making them believe its chicken products taste just like chicken, simply because they had been lab grown meat all along.

A social media executive at THIS recorded hidden camera footage of the lab grown process and then took to social media pages to  expose the company, but it was later revealed a a prank and that all of its products are indeed 100% plant-based.


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School prank

During nationwide lockdowns, parents have pranked their children into believing they have to go to school, or they are late for school. Parents have woken their children up in a hurry, told them to get ready as quickly as they can, to rush and wait for the school bus to ensure that the school bus does not leave without them.

Once their children are dressed and ready for school, their parents reveal it was all just a prank.

Balloon filled classroom

The balloon filled car, classroom or office prank has been a winner for decades all over the world. Students, colleagues or loved ones blow up countless numbers of balloons and then fill offices or classrooms with the balloons, making it hard for anybody to move through the balloon filled spaces freely without popping any balloons.

The balloon filled space prank has been a fun and safe prank for many years, and as the victim of the prank it would be pretty hard to not be annoyed.

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