Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
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4 May 2021
1:19 pm

‘I have dealt with things the way I wanted’ – Norma Mngoma

Lerato Maimela

'Did you ever ask him why he did this and that to the mother of his kids? Why must women always be the bigger people?' - Norma Mngoma

Norma Mngoma reflects on her marriage. Picture: Instagram

Norma Mngoma, the estranged wife of former home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba, has taken a different outlook on life since leaving her husband and changing her surname from Gigaba to Mngoma.

In a recent Instagram post she says she has started “choosing herself,” and “standing my ground where many expected me to conform”.

Mngoma recently appeared before the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture where she gave a background of how she met the Guptas, the social life and relationship she and Malusi shared with the Guptas and  that the Guptas had information about cabinet and state owned  enterprises appointments long before they were made public.

Mngoma also spoke out about her wedding to Malusi and how they both spent more than R4 million on the wedding in 2004.

Norma said she paid the wedding expenses, including caterers and other suppliers in cash from the bundles of notes she received from Gigaba.

Norma took to Instagram to reflect on her life and all she has been through in her marriage to Malusi with her 1.1 million followers.


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“I am not a conformist. I’m here in this world to play my part not following anyone’s rule. I stand up for myself the way I see it fits for me,” said Norma in her lengthy caption.

She continues to address all the people who have been sending her messages via fake Instagram accounts, asking her questions pertaining to her outing her ex-husband’s shady lifestyle during her testimony to the commission.

“I’ve seen messages on my timeline especially with fake accounts people asking me why you did this and that because you were supposed to walk away, jonga apha we deal with things differently my life is not book where you just page it the way you want, also those who say why you are speaking up now or why you say this and that there, same thing applies Akere this is my life , I will do things the way I want to do them & when it’s time to fight I’m not a coward even legally I will challenge any unfair treatment towards me.”

Norma ends her lengthy Instagram post by saying that she is allowed to deal with things however she sees fit and that people should allow her to process her hurt in her own way and in her own time.

She also addresses the repetitive question she is asked about “why you did this and that to the father of your kids” and asks why people have never rather asked Malusi why he would do all he did to the mother of his kids.