Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
12 May 2021
1:51 pm

WATCH: South African beach wedding proposal falls flat

Lerato Maimela

'This lady made South Africa laugh a little bit. Thank you ma'am, whoever you are. I needed the laugh.'

A local wedding proposal video has gone viral after the photographer and videographer of the proposal loses her balance and falls to the ground a few times while filming the couple’s special moment.

The proposal happened at one of the beaches in South Africa. The weather was not quite in the the couple’s favour as it was super windy, which could explain why the videographer may have lost her balance a couple of times.

In the video posted and shared by eNCA, the couple walked onto the beach with the girlfriend leading the group and the photographer following last.

The girlfriend stopped and turned around to pick her shoes up from the ground and it was at that moment that her boyfriend, hopefully now fiancé, got on his bended knee and proposed.

The photographer who seemed to be either a family member or a friend of the couple rushed to capture the moment, but she unfortunately could not keep her balance, resulting in her falling over.

Determined to capture the romantic and special moment, she attempted to get back up, but fell to the ground again.

The photographer eventually gave up and took pictures and videos of the proposal from her seated position on the ground.

The video has reached 123,000 views on Facebook, and viewers cannot help but laugh and commend the photographer for her fighting spirit.

Here are some comments from Facebook:

“I just love the fact that she never stopped taking the video. That’s the quality of being loyal.” – Euchracia Lebogang

“The level of commitment from the camera woman is commendable though-respect!” – Tsatsi Kheswa

“We all need to see the falling lady’s footage! Her view. She never stopped filming. Priceless! A day they will never forget” – Sandra Gundlach

“Well this was the most beautiful moment one can ever witness” – Simba Dhliwayo