Hein Kaiser
1 minute read
5 Jun 2021
1:05 am

Why habits are so important according to expert Tanya Kunze

Hein Kaiser

Why are habits so important in our lives and how do they impact our goals?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it takes 66 days to create new habits, and not 21. So says neuroscience coach Tanya Kunze in the second episode of Changing Lives where she journeys with co-host Thabo Magubane into the world of the habit. She asks how habits impact your life and also, the power of changing your habits to positivity impact your life.

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Changing Lives is an independent project created  to effect positive change in South Africa, and the world.  The project is shaped around 67 short online episodes where  viewers are taken on a journey of self-discovery, reframing the new normal and providing insight on how we can change ourselves, and our personal realities.

“There is a real need in the world right now to evaluate, get up and go,” says presenter and content creator Tanya Kunze. “While our lives have been fundamentally changed over the past year and a bit, we can adapt, make it our own and create positive habits for ourselves, create a new reality to fit the new normal,” she says. “It takes more than 21 days to form a habit, and the length of the season matches the time it takes, 66 days, to create new systems of behaviour.” Each instalment will feature a thematic topic and, in many episodes, guests who share experiences, challenges and advice.

“Changing Lives is for all of us, a sharing platform where we have the opportunity to shape tomorrow, and to pay it forward, after all we live for one another.”