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29 Jun 2021
1:58 pm

What you need to know about Netflix’s new mobile plan

Citizen Reporter

Netflix will introduce a mobile plan in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Netflix to introduce a mobile plan to members in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Picture: iStock

Today, Netflix will introduce a mobile plan to members across the sub-Saharan Africa region.

“After several months of testing, we’re excited to launch a new mobile plan in South Africa at R49 per month. This plan will make it even easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. At home or on the go, now more people can watch all the shows and movies Netflix has to offer, wherever and whenever they want,” a Netflix spokesperson said.


  • The mobile plan can be accessed on a tablet or a smartphone, And allows one stream in SD (520p). Which means only one device can play it.
  • Members subscribed to the mobile plan will have the same access to the entire Netflix catalogue available in Africa.
  • You can still have up to five different profiles on the mobile plan. However, you can only stream only on one device at a time.
  • There are no ads, and you get all episodes at once, like you get with all of our existing plans.
  • Mobile plan users will have access to the same catalogue and all mobile features:Smart Downloads, adaptive UI, 5 profiles, profile PINs, maturity settings—like they do on existing plans.

Netflix is aware that people have different entertainment preferences.  Adding a mobile plan allows  consumers more choices no matter what their budget or requirements.


  • Mobile: R49/month
  • Basic: R99/month
  • Standard: R139/month
  • Premium: R169/month

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Other regions charge as follows for their basic, standard and premium prices:

Price Nigeria (NGN)   Kenya (KES)  South Africa (ZAR) Other SSA Countries
1,200  2,900                  300                49                                   $3.99
2,900  3,600                 700                 99                                 $ 7.99
3,600  4,400                 950                139                                $9.99
4,400                            1,200               169                                $4.400


The spokesperson said the company is always looking for ways to remain innovative.

“At Netflix, we are investing in our product experience to create delightful viewing experiences and deliver the most value to our members.”

(Compiled by Asanda Matlhare)