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16 Jul 2021
2:56 pm

Clones? Celeb moms and daughters who look alike

Karabo Mokoena

These celeb moms and their daughters look exactly alike.

These celeb moms won the genetics championships by giving birth to themselves. Picture: Instagram

When children are small they could look like either parent, a perfect hybrid of both, or just look like themselves but these celeb moms and their daughters have won the gene lottery.

From their hair, to the shape of their eyes, these mother-and-daughter pairs look like they were indeed separated at birth.

These local and international celeb parents won the genetics competition and gave birth to little versions of themselves.

Cynthia Shange and Nonhle Thema

When she was crowned Miss Natal in 1972 and entered Miss World, Cynthia Shange looked like her daughter Nonhle Thema. Cynthia was 23 when she won Miss Natal and entered the modeling scene in 1970. Now 40, Nonhle is still looking and following in her mom’s footsteps, becoming a TV veteran.

Image: Instagram

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillipe

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon won with genetics, with both her son and daughter looking like her. It is her daughter, Ava, who looks like the perfect copy. Even at age 45 years, Reese looks so much like Ava. Reese entered the TV scene at Ava’s age now, which is 21, and back then, Reese was Ava.

Reese and daughter Ava look a like
Image: Instagram

Pearl Thusi and Thando Mokoena

Pearl Thusi and Thando Mokoena is one of South Africa’s favourite mommy-and-daughter duos. The fact that they look so much alike makes it even more adorable. When she was 17, Pearl was crowned Miss KZN and has been prominent since as an actress, TV and radio host, and model. Thando is currently 14 years old, participating in some ads with her mother, and looking like her actual twin.

Celeb mom Pearl and her daughter look the same
Image: Instagram

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Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian

Kris is no stranger to the limelight, and the 1990s were particularly a busy year for her. Amongst the four children she has with Robert Kardashian, Kourtney took her mom’s looks more than her two sisters Kim and Khloé. In her early 40s, Kris was a prospering businesswoman and “momager”, and looked like her daughter Kourtney, who is currently 42.

Celeb Mother and daughter lookalike
Image: Instagram

Khanyi and Khanukani Mbau

The mommy-and-daughter duo are not only taking TV screens by storm, but they are twinning while doing it. Khanukani is now a teenager, and the two are having too much fun dressing up and living life together.

Khanukani stars in her mom’s reality show Mbau Reloaded. Even in her younger days, Khanyi looked a lot like her daughter, who is still growing up and looks exactly like her.

Celeb mom Khanyi and her daughter lookalike
Image: Instagram