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4 Dec 2014
1:35 pm

The Lo Down: Inside Wardah’s world of beauty

Leigh Crymble

Media personality and sports anchor, Wardah Hartley is an active fitness personality who presents a weekly show on Enews Channel Africa.

Inside Wardah's World of Beauty. Picture: supplied

Picture: supplied

Picture: supplied

We caught up with her to discuss her beauty tips and tricks, as well as her must-have beauty products.

What is your normal beauty regimen?

I cleanse, tone, and moisturise my skin twice a day. I use the in-house brand of the Sandton Beauty Clinic called Aura International. I swear by their collagen cream!

Has your makeup look changed over the years?

Yes, it has – quite a lot. I understand makeup better now and what works for my skin. I do try some trends, but I know what works for my face so I am cautious with trends – they don’t flatter everyone.

What’s your number one beauty tip?

Embrace a makeup-free look every so often – even if it’s just over the weekend around your house. In my line of work, I wear heavy makeup, so on the days I don’t have to, I leave my skin makeup-free.

What is one big no-no to you when it comes to beauty?

Unkept eyebrows or over-plucked eyebrows – bad brows in general, a BIG no-no!

What would we find in your beauty bag at home right now?

My ‘beauty bag’ is more like a beauty makeup case: the ones professional makeup artists use! I LOVE makeup and I can never get enough. I have about three large eye shadow palettes, five or six different blushers, various palettes of foundation colours, eye pencils, lip liners, mascara, and about a dozen brushes of all shapes and sizes. I may have a bit of an addiction.

What beauty product could your loved ones get you and not go wrong with?

The coconut range from L’Occitane – it’s my best and I love anything with a coconut scent.

What celebrity/personality inspires your beauty decisions?

Because of my heritage, I love the way Middle Eastern girls do their makeup with a strong dark eyebrow, black eyeliner and eye pencil, and dark hair. My inspiration is Middle Eastern beauty blogger Huda Kattan and Persian reality star Lily Ghalichi.

What does real beauty mean to you?

For me this is about having beautiful flawless glowing skin, so that makeup is not a must and beautiful, pearly white teeth.

What’s your favourite beauty treat?

I love going to Miss Salon London every so often for their milk and honey foot soak. It has such simple ingredients that we all have in our homes and it works like a charm!

For more information about Wardah, follow her on twitter @Wardah_Hartley.

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