Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
21 Dec 2021
10:14 am

R1 million for a TV? Santa better have some deep pockets for some of these gifts

Hein Kaiser

From a R1 million television to a closet that irons your clothes for you, we found the season's most expensive Christmas gifts.

This Samsung TV has a price tag of R1million. EVen on sale at R 499 K it's not an every day gift. Picture Hein Kaiser

Some Christmas revellers are gearing up for the joy of receiving, if they’re lucky enough to be spending the holidays with those South Africans who are not afraid to spend big bucks this festive season.

But then again, what do you give to someone who already has it all? While it’s never supposed to be about the price tag, there are some irresistible items in Santa’s inventory that’s the stuff of fantasy for most, and for deep pockets, the ideal gift.

For some it’s a far cry from gifting under R 100. Some of the most expensive items on-shelf this year include a R1 million television set. It’s giant screen as imposing as its price tag. On Black Friday this Samsung 98-inch 8K television was on sale at half-a-million bucks, the price of a middle of the range family saloon car.

Digital Experience in Fourways stocks this mammoth television which, looking at the colours and crispness of the picture it shares, may just be worth it. But by the time you’re done saving up to add this monster to your lounge, we may be at such an advanced stage that TV-chips are implanted in our brains and TV as we know it has become obsolete.

smeg kitchen appliances
Trend up a loved one’s kitchen with SMEG appliances. Picture Hein Kaiser

Foodie-life and decking out your kitchen with the latest and greatest is also not cheap. With the plethora of cooking and baking shows in the media, it seems as if the kitchen and its ancillaries will never go off-trend.

Kitting it out with the right, expensive brands and creating the right look is not cheap though. But damn, the stuff is beautiful. Particularly the SMEG appliance, and now cookery brand.

It’s look and feel is retro, its home-chef appeal irresistible. The price tag, almost R4 000 for a frying pan. For between R8 500 and R10 000 the SMEG cake mixer is a must, and you can add pasta makers and all kinds of accessories to it later.

At between R 2 000 – R3 000 your coffee will also never taste the same again when a SMEG kettle boils your water.

Otherwise, pick up a R 999 999 Dolce and Gabbana decorated fridge from the brand to accompany your Samsung million-Rand telly.

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If you hate ironing as much as everyone else, consider gifting the Samsung Air-Dresser.

It’s much cheaper than the fridge and more practical than the tv. And at only R32 999 it’s a steal. The closet-like Air-Dresser freshens up, steams, relaxes small wrinkles, and dries your clothes with an inverter heat pump. It’s part of the brand’s bespoke range, along with a customizable door-colour double-door fridge at about R80 000.

samsung airdresser
The ultimate gift for your closet, the Samsung Air Dresser makes ironing a thing of the past. Picture Hein Kaiser

If home appliances aren’t your thing, you can always buy some expensive designer garments and accessories for your beau or belle, or any member of your extended family. But your budget had better be generous, even if opting for a ‘cheaper’ Louis Vuitton previously loved item.

At My Luxury Bargain your spending will be a little less, starting at around R10 000 for a classic handbag through to R93 000 for a cosmetic trunk case.

On the site a secondhand pair of Prada sunglasses are R3 500 and previously loved bag starts at R6 000 through to well over R40 000. New, a small Prada shoulder bag starts at around R16 000 and, as with other luxury brands, the sky is the limit. A Montblanc pen to sign those credit card slips starts at close to R4 000.

Onlne platform Takealot sells Nelson Mandela’s lithograph series for around R100 000 per item, all personally signed by Madiba.

If you want to make a bold statement about love, the R2 450 000 5 carat Princess cut diamond ring from Browns The Diamond Store is exactly what you need. The giant rock is encrusted in a further 1 carat’s diamonds making the sparkle irresistibly visible from any angle. Now that, is sharing the love.