Hein Kaiser
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14 Jan 2022
2:04 pm

Here’s what the stars have planned for you in 2022

Hein Kaiser

Astrologer Angelique Sala says that 2022 is a year for progress and becoming your own hero. It's also a time to heal.

2022 is the year where you can be your own hero. Picture Shutterstock

Astrologer Angelique Sala said that the upcoming year will hold multiple story threads while putting back together the pieces of the past two, somewhat broken, years under the pandemic. “2022 is a year of transformation and expanding to a new reality in astrology”, she said. And, said Sala, the universe presents everyone with an opportunity this year to be the hero of their own narrative. In essence, this may be a better year although we still have a few hurdles to conquer.

January is about being in the present for yourself and others, said Sala. “It’s about blending the past while looking into the future, and this flavours the present. Pluto at the end of January brings things out into the open, a deep uncovering of the past.” Sala noted that this theme will flow through all levels of society, and we have already seen this manifest with the first draft of the Zondo Commission report, for example. But it’s also a time to seek out these truths at home.

During February the stars say that some big ideas may culminate and manifest, but others may also dissolve. Between February and March, according to astrology, it is also a good time for introverts to shine. “Do what authentically feels good including what you eat. Integrating the male and female energy at the same time,” added Sala. It’s a dichotomy of circumstance, emotion, beginnings and endings as written in the heavens.

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Sala said: “Choose your adventure as you can only control your own narrative and tell your own story. Favour the daily practice of simplicity to cope with the myriad of energies this year. We are living through multi-verses, the real and the online or virtual. Now is the time to take action and get things going between February to end April.”

It’s also a time to rebuild. Sala said that astrologically, the planet Saturn squaring Uranus continues this year, but it is slightly different from last year as it will be bringing excitement, forward thinking and then succumbing to Saturn’s stabilising force or imposed suppression. She added: “There is a reconfiguration of life structures,” including ecology, climate, and the DNA of nearly everything. “So, shaping the human-earth drama, we will feel more grounded with the energy to rebuild. The North Node in Taurus is about creating value through the understanding of our own value. The energies around us are changing shape to show us how valuable we are and to tap into our authentic magnetism,” Sala said.

March and April will see the heightening of the vibrations of creativity and healing. Sala said: “Opening our eyes and hearts. Putting the pieces together. Be as clear as you can to avoid confusion. You could be swept up in this psychedelic hot air balloon of escape.” But it is the time to start making dreams come true, she said, but making sure at every point that you remain solidly grounded. “Faith is important but to create our wildest dreams we need to still do the work. We magnetise what we focus on.”

In terms of astrology, March is also about re-creating philosophies of the self. She said that making a wish, harnessing the power of the imagination and making decisions are important over this time. “The dilemma is that there are no easy answers. Loyalty versus new experiences will cross paths and live in some conflict, but whatever you decide, commit to the journey. Make decisions with a sober mind this year,” she advised.

April is a pivotal month where energies culminate and there may be some unexpected fireworks. This leads into May and the month brings revolutionary energies. Great change could be on the cards, whether personal or even country-wise, said Sala, and it may be a bumpy ride.

From July onwards, signs point to the accelerated disintegration of old systems, too. “This could be the universe upping the pace and driving change. The growing post-pandemic focus on the environment and climate change is a key sign of what’s to come. So too,” said Sala, is the emergence of the metaverse, a growing online or second digital life and the advancement of crypto currencies and the Blockchain.

But at the same time the period between May and October is also a time when people should look at differentiating themselves, to harness their uniqueness and inspire others. “It’s a time for leadership, but also a time to only take calculated risks,” Sala said.