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By Hein Kaiser


SA will get worse before it get better, says numerologist

Buckle up! Numerologist Sandy Smith sees more Eskom drama, banks going offline, and another virus ahead, but things will get better.

It’s been a fiery start for South Africa this year, with parliament going up in flames over the new year weekend.

Numerologist Sandy Smith, who called the massive shift in SA politics several months before last year’s municipal elections, said 2022 marked the beginning of a further watershed period in the country’s history.

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Politics, pandemic and a measure of pandemonium. There’s turbulence ahead, before the calm, Smith said.

She said SA remained in a state of flux and much more corruption would come to light.

“The president has a lot of people that still surround him that may not be good for the country and that prefer lining their own pockets,” she said.

“We are moving into whistle-blower territory and I expect we will see a lot more of that emerging over the next couple of months.”

Smith expected a lot more issues at state-owned enterprises, particularly at Eskom, with people being held accountable like never before, while others would clear their names in the process.

“We are moving into a digital, mechanical, electrical and technical period,” Smith said, adding that this was bringing in an increased risk of private and public institutional hacking with cybersecurity a key aspect for businesses.

There would also be technical challenges, with banks being offline more often.

“The mechanics of how things work will also be impacted.”

She said while it was unclear, the numbers indicated some kind of new virus, possibly online or another variant of Covid may be on the cards soon.

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But undoubtedly, she said, there is a period of discovery ahead, particularly in science, and SA’s role on the global stage will grow. In addition, Smith pondered the possibility of greater astronomical discoveries, including perhaps evidence of alien life or intelligence beyond our own.

“In essence, we are moving into a time of discovery and great advancement.

“Numerologically, there’s also a transition from the number five this year to a six after the first quarter,” said Smith.

What this means is that families and friends will start coming closer together again. It also means a reconnection with nature and the build-up of momentum over environmental concerns, insects and their role, particularly, as well as a massive spotlight on poaching challenges.

Smith said travel, spirituality, music and the arts would play an increasingly important role for South Africans, too, this year.

“As our country ages, so we look backwards and forwards at the same time.

“Innovation and nostalgia. It will be a spiritual time for the country, too, particularly after a slew of revelations about corruption and negativity ranging from the pandemic through to the losses, we all suffered.”

But she pointed out that until about June, people are in for a rough time.

Smith predicted President Cyril Ramaphosa’s bout of festive Covid in September last year. She also foresaw much of the corruption that came to light during the latter half of last year.

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But she emphasised that there is more to come and that the president would have to communicate more, hold himself and the ANC more accountable for the damage that the party has done to SA.

“Ramaphosa is good for the country but he needs to speak more and be more visible in his leadership.”

With the ANC celebrating its birthday this month, Smith also expected that its second age, the date when then president FW De Klerk unbanned the party, will play a big role in its numerological fortune.

“There will be a lot of external legal matters plaguing the party internally and externally over the next coming months and on a national executive level, things will start going quite wobbly towards its elective conference later this year.”

Previously, Smith said the 2024 election would be a major moment in SA politics. Just as she predicted a multitude of coalitions and the ANC losing ground during the recent municipal elections, Smith predicted that by the next poll, the country might be set for a national coalition, but with Ramaphosa at its helm.

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