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16 Sep 2013
1:32 pm

Manolo Blahnik makes London Fashion Week debut

Manolo Blahnik has finally made his London Fashion Week debut and admits he was nervous about the crowd's reception to his work.

Image courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/ManoloBlahnikOfficial

Manolo Blahnik has finally made his London Fashion Week debut. The 70-year-old shoe designer took so long to partake in the bi-annal event because because it never felt “right”, but he was excited to unveil his spring/summer 2014 collection in the English capital yesterday (15.09.13).

He told British Vogue magazine: “Firstly, I am terrified of crowds. I owed it to the organisers, I had been invited to take part so many times but it never felt right.  “London Fashion Week has changed so much recently though; it is so professional now and I really think it is one of the most exciting in the world.”

The star has created a five-minute short film with Michael Roberts, which features Rupert Everett, and he hopes it will appeal to people as if reflects the technological society we live in. He explained: “Everything is becoming so transparent with all this technology, with the blogs and tweets, and I wanted to get more in touch with normal people.”

Although he is a respected name in the fashion industry, Manolo is still nervous about the reception his new collection and film will receive from critics.

He added: “I am nervous, but I know it’s just entertainment with some sort of thread. I worry about everything though, I am an eternal tortured creative. I feel perpetually anxious, but I’ve learnt to deal with it – that’s my advantage.”

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