Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
20 Sep 2013
6:00 am

Thoroughly modern Melrose

Michelle Loewenstein

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

Those of us who actually choose to “laugh out loud” rather than say “LOL” will remember the popular theme song for the sitcom Cheers. The jingle celebrated the fact that when a group of friends gathered at their favourite bar, they were greeted like family. The same can be said for the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch.

From the moment you check in until the time that you leave, the staff are warm and friendly. At no point was any request met with a long-suffering sigh or a sideways “what a chump” look at a colleague, something that can’t be said about the service at a lot of places. I immediately understood why one of my American relatives will only stay there when she visits she says they know her name and treat her like royalty.

This hotel has an ultra-chic feel about it. From the damask wallpaper to the Hollywood starlet-themed rooms, everything screams modernity.


This does come with a few surprises – if you’re a shrinking shower violet, the open plan bathroom/bedroom may come as a bit of a shock. It feels a bit like you’ve accidentally stumbled into the honeymoon suite instead of a regular room with an interesting, if slightly

revealing, view. Also, when you head down to dinner, you might be treated to a set by a guest DJ. If you were hoping to discuss your day this might pose a problem since you’ll be yelling, but if you simply want to smile at each other over a burger and a milkshake, this is the place for you.