Bill Gates left Microsoft after affair with employee

'Bill Gates was in an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably' - according to The Wall Street Journal

Bill Gates resigned from the Microsoft board in 2020 after news broke that he was being investigated by the board having sexual relations with an employee of Microsoft, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reported the board became aware of the affair in 2019 when the Microsoft engineer that Bill was having an affair with wrote a letter explaining the sexual relationship the two were engaged in “over the years.”

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An external law firm was then hired by the Microsoft board to investigate the affair that had apparently lasted for a few years.

Gates resigned before the investigation was concluded. A spokesperson said his resignation had nothing to do with the investigation, but was rather influenced by his decision to focus more on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which aims at fighting global poverty and disease.

The spokesperson did, however, admit that Gates did indeed have an affair with the Microsoft engineer, that the affair happened almost 20 years ago and “ended amicably”.

Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced in a joint statement on Twitter they would be ending their marriage and heading their separate ways after being married to each other for 27 years.

The statement said the pair would continue working together on their foundation, but no longer believed that they could grow together as a couple in the next phase of their lives.

The Journal also reported that the affair raised some questions among some board members about Bill Gates’ involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, who took his own life in jail while awaiting trail for allegedly human trafficking minors.

Bill’s team cleared the air and said the Microsoft founder had met Epstein purely for philanthropic reasons and has regretted doing so ever since the news broke about Epstein’s criminal charges.

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