Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
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13 Aug 2020
5:02 pm

Women’s Month: Nomfundo Njibe is the founder of local beauty brand Chick Cosmetics

Thami Kwazi

The products are manufactured in five different countries: South Africa, Italy, South Korea, US and China

Nomfundo Njibe, founder of Chick Cosmetics. Picture: Supplied

Nomfundo Njibe founded Chick Cosmetics out of the need to bring a more accessible and affordable makeup brand to the local market.

Her independent cosmetic brand has broken many barriers proving that there are many ways to sell makeup.

During a short visit to London, Njibe lost her makeup bag, which often happens to people on trips.

“I had to shop for new beauty essentials and was intrigued by the selection of retailers selling affordable products from indie brands. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this industry.” That’s when Chick Cosmetics was born.

She has built relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the world to bring her and her teams’ ideas to life.

They currently manufacture in five different countries: South Africa, Italy, South Korea, US and China. Conceptualisation, product development and assembly all starts locally in South Africa. Distribution is through the online portal and store

Njibe has added quirky touches like naming the palettes and colours after local venues.

Picture: Facebook / chickcosmeticsco

“We are constantly inspired by our country, communities and things we see around us. Our customers love it too. It makes them very proud to support local.”

Their target market is inclusive, as South Africa is a nation of many colours.

“Our motto is beauty for all, so we always strive for diversity in our products and the way we market them.

“But to answer your question more technically, our target market is both teens and shoppers in their mid-20s. We want to inspire our market to express themselves, as most of them do through social media. I think this speaks to why our digital presence is so loved.”

They speak to the 18 to 19-year-olds who are still living at home but are inspired by beauty influencers and recreate their looks with her colour cosmetics, as well as the 27-year-old career-driven woman who enjoys dressing up and socialising with friends – all while looking their best.

Picture: Facebook / chickcosmeticsco

Her hero beauty products from the range are the brushes, “The World’s Most Beautiful Brushes”.

“All our products have a unique story to tell and we work hard to create some of the firsts in the country, such as the first local beauty brand with extended makeup shades, Pine Face Oil, the first oil-fruit extract serum on the market and more.”

Njibe’s favourite product is the Glow Boost Serum, which is also their current bestseller.

The cosmetic industry is cutthroat and she has inspirational words for women contemplating getting into it.

“Learn the ins and outs of the cosmetic industry. Study every aspect of it to make sure you know exactly what challenges lie ahead of you. Leave your ego at the door and work hard to make it happen.”

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