Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
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14 Sep 2021
2:10 pm

Five times Jo-Ann Strauss was absolute elegance

Renate Engelbrecht

Former Miss South Africa and mom-of-three Jo-Ann Strauss has always been the epitome of style

Former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss. Picture: Facebook

Whether she’s gracefully lounging on a couch at the Silo Hotel in Cape Town, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or dancing with her daughter, Jo-Ann Strauss always finds a way to look trendy and elegant.

Here are five times the former Miss South Africa, and now businesswoman of note, was pure elegance:

Cupcakes in the making

Strauss admits to being that mom who caves to her toddler’s cravings and bakes cupcakes for lunch, which is why this cupcake-inspired tulle dress from Kat van Duinen Design, with its low neckline and voluptuous details, is so fitting for the photo.

The South African model, who is a mom of three, says she suffers from koinophobia – the fear of an ordinary life – and this dress (and her blue nail polish) proves it.

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What are weekends without teal?

This teal dress by Leocé Luxury Couture is the ideal cocktail dress and apart from matching the Clifton Collection Gin (or mommy juice, as Strauss’ daughter describes it) in the background, the dress also matches her daughter’s golden dress, which the blogger mom says matches her daughter’s wit.

The dress is playfully elegant, which makes it the perfect option for a cocktail party in style.

Pretty in pleather (or is it leather?)

Strauss has always been very open about the fact that social media and real life are worlds apart and this post, in which she challenges the “rich aunt vibes” with this elegant, fashionable pleather dress from TDW Emporium, proves her point.

The model says people need to be careful of trying to measure up to other people’s carefully curated ideas of what real life looks like.

“Yes, I love fashion and design, but I also value the fact that real life happens not always pretty.”

Strauss is suited elegance

If you’re into fashion, you would know that a suit is non-negotiable when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. Strauss sure knows how to suit up and glams up her simple-yet-elegant look with a feminine button-up shirt, sunnies from Sunglass Hut and of course, a glamorous BMW in the background.

She says that “as mothers with careers, we’re often expected to work like we don’t have children and raise children as if we don’t work”.

Yet, she concludes: “I am glad to show my children that work is part of who I am and I am lucky to enjoy what I do.”

She sure looks elegant while doing what she does.

From Miss South Africa to red-hot mama

Jo-Ann celebrated her birthday and Valentine’s Day in style earlier this year at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town, with a red one-shoulder number that certainly turned heads.

The bold shoulder detail once again proves her fear of the ordinary (or rather her endeavours to be anything but ordinary) and the neutral high heals epitomise her confidence in being both a mom and a businesswoman.