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29 Nov 2021
3:52 pm

Daily hacks: A 2-in-1 method for applying foundation

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A woman applying liquid foundation

If you’re still applying your liquid foundation with a Beautyblender-style sponge, a brush, or even your fingers, it’s probably because you haven’t yet discovered all the tricks that can be accomplished with the jade roller.

Initially used for its calming qualities, as well as for its ability to reduce dark circles and puffiness, the jade roller could become an essential tool in your makeup routine, if we believe thousands of TikTokers who have already tried out this new trick — and given it their stamp of approval.

But first, let’s give credit where credit is due. The user Avonna Sunshine was the first to discover this 2-in-1 method, unveiling a first video where she tests it live with the mention “Game Changer.” A tip that has obviously appealed to viewers — and has earned her a crowd of followers — since it has been viewed more than a million times in just a few days.

We see the young woman applying a touch of liquid foundation on certain areas of the face (nose, forehead, cheeks, chin), then blending it with a pink quartz roller. Indeed it is possible to use all rollers of this type, whether jade, rose quartz, amethyst, etc.


GAME CHANGER!!!! @Maybelline New York fit me 340

♬ original sound – Avonna Sunshine

According to the commentary, this method offers optimal coverage and a smoother finish, not to mention that the rollers also help tighten up pores. Plus it’s a foundation-saving method since rollers don’t absorb it like sponges and brushes do.

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Put to the test by a slew of TikTokers, this new trick has a few limitations. First of all, you have to get up early to take advantage of it, as it takes much longer to apply foundation with a jade roller than with a simple brush. Users also noted the fact that the rollers, due to their rigidity, do not easily reach certain areas such as the bridge of the nose and the area next to the inner corner of the eye. 

On the plus side, beyond the benefits proffered by the rollers in question, some have commented on the ease of cleaning these tools, making a point of eliminating the crevices where brushes and sponges harbor bacteria.