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What to wear: How to dress for the Hollywoodbets Durban July 2024 fashion theme

Under the vibrant theme, "Ride the Wave," this year's Hollywood bets Durban July 2024, we give you ideas on what to wear at the races.

The Hollywoodbets Durban July 2024 is poised to be an electrifying celebration of fashion, creativity, and cultural confluence.

Join us as we dive into this year’s theme, let’s explore how the dynamic elements of Light, Sound, Water, and Cultural influences will shape the annual horse racing event.

We give you ideas and tips on what to wear.

Light: Illuminating the path

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The essence of light will play a pivotal role in this year’s fashion narrative.

Designers are expected to embrace luminous fabrics, iridescent materials, and dazzling embellishments that reflect the radiant energy of light.

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Think shimmering sequins, holographic textiles, and LED-infused gowns that captivate and enchant, a whimsical element that we’ve seen before.

Inviting participants to illuminate the racecourse with their bright, bold, and beautiful ensembles.

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Sound: Rhythm in motion

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Sound as a theme allows for an exploration of rhythm and movement within fashion. Remember the sea has a sound as waves move and crash, it can be loud or gentle.

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This year, expect to see designs that echo the pulsating beats of music, incorporating elements like fringe, feathers, and layered fabrics that dance with every step.

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Patterns inspired by sound waves, musical notes, and even the visual representation of audio frequencies will be prominent.

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Accessories such as statement earrings and necklaces might mimic instruments or audio equipment, making the entire outfit a harmonious composition.

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And everyone’s key item is a fascinator with interesting elements of design.

Beautiful and fashionable jewelry and accessories for women. Sapphire earrings with square stones on a white textile background. Blue bright rhinestones on a gold metal base. Picture: iStock

Experiment textures include, plastics, Lycra, and even spikes. It’s July after all, so anything goes!  

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Water: Fluidity and freshness

Water, with its inherent fluidity and refreshing nature, will inspire designs that emphasize flow and elegance.

Expect to see plenty of aqua hues, ombre patterns that transition like waves, and fabrics that move like water.

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Silk, chiffon, and other lightweight materials will dominate, creating a sense of ease and grace.

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Details like aquatic motifs, pearls, and sequins that mimic droplets of water will be the highlights, bringing a refreshing vibe to the ensembles.

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Don’t be afraid to wear shimmery colours like slivers, rose golds, and gradients of blue and green, looking like a sea urchin isn’t taboo in this case.

Cultural influences: Tapestries of tradition

Cultural influences will bring a rich, diverse texture to the event. Designers will draw inspiration from global traditions, incorporating intricate beadwork, bold prints, and traditional silhouettes.

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African cultural dress comes into play with this aspect of the theme encourages a celebration of heritage, and weaving stories from different cultures into the fashion narrative.

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Expect to see a fusion of styles, where modern meets traditional, creating a unique and vibrant tapestry of designs.

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A beaded shweshwe dress, a woven ishibelani skirt with beading.

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Fashion forward: The future of HDJ

As we immerse ourselves in the waves of creativity at the Hollywoodbets Durban in July 2024, the theme “Ride the Wave” challenges designers and attendees to push the boundaries of fashion.

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This event is not just about the races; it’s a cultural phenomenon where style takes center stage and grows year by year as more local designers want to show off their creative talents.

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Pictures: iStock

Whether the luminous echoes of Light inspire you, the rhythmic allure of Sound, the refreshing splashes of Water, or the rich tapestries of African and Asian Cultural influences, this year’s theme offers endless possibilities for self-expression and innovation.

Tips on picking your fabric:

  • Sight – Bright colours inspired by the sea or aquatic life
  • Touch- textures of the sea, silks, sheer, shiny, matte, velvety, slippery iridescent, think the colours of a mermaid’s tail or fish scale colours reflected in the light.
  • Although you can also be a landlocked pirate.
  • Sound – ‘louder’ shaded clothing with vibrant colours that represent summer at the beach and the flora (flowers) that grow around the areas.

Prepare to be dazzled as we ride the wave of fashion at #HDJRideTheWave #HollywoodbetsDurbanJuly #HDJ, where every look tells a story, and every outfit is a masterpiece. 🌊

See you at the races

The Hollywoodbets Durban July (on Saturday, 6 July) welcomes fans back to the 128th running of the iconic race, themed “Ride the Wave” at the Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse. Limited general tickets, that’ll get you a front row view of the racing action from the grandstand and track-side lawns, live DJ performances, and runway and public fashion competitions, are available at Ticketpro, SPAR Payzone kiosks and selected Sasol stores at R230 and R170 for parking.

  • For more information, visit www.hollywoodbetsdurbanjuly.co.za and stay in tune with The Citizen’s regular updates on all things fashion and entertainment leading up to Durban July event.

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