WATCH: The luxury watch made from coffee grounds and capsules

From fashion to food to beauty, all sectors are finding ways to use waste in order to reduce the mountains of trash that abound worldwide.

The fashion industry is trying by all means possible to reduce its environmental footprint. This can be achieved by using new materials, by launching new services such as reselling pre-loved items, or by embracing new practices such as upcycling, which involves reusing items previously destined to be thrown away.

This is what the luxury watchmaker, Hublot, is now proposing. It has teamed up with Nespresso to create a luxury watch made from recycled coffee capsules.

A technical feat that testifies to the growing place of waste in many industries, progressively transforming it into an essential resource.

Nespresso and Hublot introduce eco-friendly watch design

This 100% Swiss collaboration is now working to pave the way for more environmentally-friendly watch designs.

Nespresso and Hublot have joined forces to present a green version of one of the watchmaker’s iconic models, the Big Bang Unico, which is available in a limited Nespresso Origin edition.

This is a luxury watch made from recycled aluminum, and more specifically, from the coffee brand’s iconic capsules. But that’s not all, the watch also comes with two straps containing recycled coffee grounds, an unusual detail that could well appeal to collectors.

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Perfecting the colour harmony of an eco-friendly watch

Hublot posted on Instagram that this watch is a strong statement about how we should value and protect the Earth’s resources.

“It took Hublot R&D a year, in close collaboration with Nespresso, to ensure the perfect color harmony of the seven different materials that make up the watch, from its case to its straps in this iconic “vibrant” green reminiscent of the Master Origins Peru Organic capsule,” said Hublot in a instagram post.

According to Hublot, this creation, offered in a limited edition of 200 pieces, joins the now long list of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other objects crafted thanks to upcycling.

In the fashion industry, upcycled collections are landing thick and fast, with, for example, old cables being turned into shoes, marine waste being transformed into clothing, or sneakers being made from vintage windbreakers.

But the textile sector isn’t alone in working to recycle waste, as this is also underway in the cosmetic industry, the design and decoration sector, and the food industry.

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The cost of the watch

According to Hublot, this limited edition watch has only 200 pieces available for purchase. It retails for $24 000, which is only slightly above the average price for its other Big Bang Unico pieces.

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