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By Hein Kaiser


Instagram era celebrates the perfect derriere: Achieving the ultimate sexy silhouette

Sheer fitted dresses and skirts with elasticated seams in the middle of the silhouette draw the eye to the buttocks and give off sexy vibes.

In the Instagram age the quest for the ideal silhouette, the allure of a perfectly contoured derriere has become the peak-instant of twenty first century sexiness. And it’s not unusual.

From the sculpted shapes demanded of Victorian corsets to today’s Instagram-centric fitness culture and sustained emphasis on bums in every style shape or form. A well-defined behind, whether in tight denims or au-naturel, is one of the only gender-neutral vanity pursuits when it comes to body-identity and shape-statements.

Define your waist to enhance the appearance of your bum

Image consultant Lynne McMaster said that that the key to accentuating the buttocks starts a little higher up, at the waist. “By defining your waist, you automatically enhance the appearance of your hips and bum, making them appear more voluptuous,” she said and suggested steering clear of garments like shift dresses and low-rise bottoms that fail to accentuate this critical area. “If it does not accentuate shape, there’s no reason to don the silhouette,” she noted. Sheer fitted dresses and skirts with elasticated seams in the middle of the silhouette draw the eye to the buttocks and give off sexy vibes.

Instead, she recommended selecting outfits that cinch at one’s natural waist, paired with strategically chosen tops. “Opting for cropped or tucked-in tops and jackets is a great solution to create illusion.

This combination not only slims the waist but also amplifies the roundness and prominence of your buttocks,” she explained. Low-rise pants and denims demand even greater real estate for women, to truly show off the buns.

The trumpet skirt is a particular favourite of McMaster’s for its ability to double down on the hourglass effect. “This style draws the eye from the waist down to the buttocks,” she said and added that it served to accentuate a curvaceous appearance of the wearer’s profile. “It’s an effective choice for those looking to balance out a heavier upper body against narrower hips,” because she said, balance is key to not distorting proportions, either.

Stretch fabrics and denim pocket placement are important

Fabric choice to cover your assets are just as important. “Stretch fabrics are essential because they adapt to your body, allowing your clothes to support and elevate your buttocks rather than compress them,” she noted. For denim, she recommended a curvy skinny jean, which is designed to flatter more robust figures more so than a standard skinny jean that might not offer the same benefits in terms of shaping, Note where the pockets are positioned on the jeans.  If the pockets are positioned closer to the outer seams and higher up it gives an instant buttock lift versus pockets that are closer to the middle seam and positioned lower on the buttocks, this makes the buttocks look smaller.

However, McMaster said the opposite is true of lightweight and draped materials that may not provide enough support or, in other words, lift. “This can cause the loss of lose definition. “You want fabrics that maintain a clean line from your waist to your hem. Choose garments that hug your curves or opt for an A-line cut in a sturdier fabric that preserves its shape,” she said.

The more leg, possibly the merrier said McMaster. “Shorter hemlines can help to elevate focus to lower curves around the buns, you can direct appreciative gazes wherever you wish by simply using garments to guide the eye,” she shared.

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Strategic colour blocking for a perfect bum

Colour blocking, in other words mixing colours in contrasts, usually patterned in blocks of solid colour, can also be used strategically but avoid vertical colour blocking which can visually narrow the hips and buttocks consequently. Horizontal colour blocking, conversely, is effective to enhance these features, especially effective if the divide between colours is positioned just below the bum.

Heels are just the thing to give you a bit of a lift, it naturally tilts your body forward a bit. Consequently, your lower back arches a bit and aids in contouring and showing off your behind said McMaster. Meanwhile, she added, you can never go wrong with a hugging pencil skirt.

Moisturize, and choose the right swimwear for your bum

“A good behind though,” said McMaster, “is a moisturised bun. “Especially when it’s winter getting ready for the beach when seasons turn. Proper hydration makes the skin look smoother and feel softer, enhancing its overall appeal,” McMaster said and added that regular moisturising can improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, which in turn boosts overall confidence.” A spray tan also does wonders.

Bikinis or high cut one pieces with cheeky Brazilian bums or thongs are beach-bum’s best friends, worn under shear fitted garments it can look super sexy she added. “More conservatively but nonetheless sexy, is to look for a rounder cut behind on the bottoms of a fuller costume,” she added. “Something that does not accentuate any flaws but rather enhance natural shape.”

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