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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
24 Oct 2017
11:25 am

Lock, stock and wine barrel: Valdo Prosecco

Adriaan Roets

Valdo offers quality prosecco in South Africa at an affordable price.

The weekend Champagne Day caused quite a stir on social media with many of us sharing pictures of bubbly delights. But while French Champagne had its minute to shine, another Italian prosecco, is impressing in South Africa.

Valdo Prosecco combines accessibility with the same ingredients that make champagne and MCC so special.

In 10 years, prosecco has enjoyed unrivalled growth in countries like America, the UK and continental Europe – and South Africa has not been left behind.

“We have always had a real passion for the produce of Italy, and especially prosecco, and were simply looking for the very best prosecco to introduce to South Africa,” explains Alex Valenti, Managing Director of Prosecco SA, who introduced Valdo to the country.

“South Africa is tracking the global growth in demand for quality prosecco, and Valdo Spumanti is the perfect way to discover the category.

“Valdo is also one of the only Italian prosecco producers that specialises exclusively in sparkling wines, and we believe they offer the best quality prosecco at an affordable price.”

Thankfully, prosecco moves away from the narrative of something that has to be enjoyed a certain way. For instance, I had an interesting conversation with a sommelier who doesn’t think South African MCC should have to be served in flutes, because it is, after all, not champagne.

Prosecco tows the same line – you are allowed to experience it how you like.

While prosecco is affordable, the rules governing its production and quality are no less stringent.

Just as champagne is protected by the French rules of Appellation d’origine contrôlée, so Italy’s Denominazione di origine controllata and Denominazione di origine controllata garantita regulations dictate which sparkling wines qualify as prosecco.

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