Yvonne Albers
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23 Oct 2018
2:24 pm

This is how you’re ruining your bowl of oatmeal

Yvonne Albers

Oats can be plain and boring, but adding too much sweetness defeats the purpose of having it for breakfast.

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Sometimes we turn a healthy meal into an unhealthy one, by adding the wrong toppings.

Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines shares some tips on keeping your oats healthy – and warns about ways we could be adding to the calories without even realising it.

This is how you could be ruining your oats:

Going for the quick option

Yes, we’ve all opted for the portioned – and even flavoured – packets. But Kayla says the flavoured instant oatmeal is generally full of sugar and sometimes artificial flavours.

Plus, while the packets are convenient, we should really stick to rolled oats and flavour them ourselves with fresh fruit or natural sweeteners. However, be careful not to overdo the sweetener – too much honey, for instance, could turn your healthy breakfast into a sugar-filled meal.

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It’s all in the toppings

Oats can be plain and boring, but adding too much sweetness is defeating the purpose of having oats for breakfast. Forget toppings like chocolate chips and sugar.

“Yes, these things may taste delicious, but they can also leave you feeling like it’s time for second breakfast shortly after eating,” says Kayla.

Don’t go overboard

You know that too much of a good thing can be bad, so don’t overdo the oats. While they remain one of the healthiest options for breakfast, mix things up a bit and change your meal plan every few days.

“While some foods aren’t necessarily bad for you when eaten in small amounts, it is possible to overdo it,” says Kayla.

“A few examples of this are honey and pure maple syrup. If you add too much to your oats, then it can really ramp up the sugar content.”

Honey. Picture: Pixabay

Healthy oat topping ideas

1 banana, 1/2 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
180g mixed berries and 50g natural yoghurt
180g blueberries, zest of 1/2 lemon and 50g natural yoghurt
1/2 scoop of protein powder, 1 teaspoon of natural peanut butter, and a pinch of cacao nibs

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