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25 Apr 2019
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5 alternatives to coffee for an energy boost

ATW Nutrition Coaching

It’s hard for coffee-lovers to understand, but not everyone loves the caffeine-laden liquid.

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If you’re someone who really doesn’t enjoy the taste of coffee, or you just want an alternative from time-to-time, then read on. These energy-boosting drinks are great for giving you a power boost, without packing on the pounds.

Rather than sweetening up your coffee with sugar and milk and other flavourings to make it palatable, rather try some of these diet-friendly options.

1. Green tea

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Green tea will give you an energy-boost, and a (smaller) hit of caffeine, but with a different taste.

Not everyone enjoys this drink either, but you can easily get green teas which are flavoured with fruits, herbs and the like, so it’s fairly flexible in that way. It’s also packed with antioxidants, too.

2. Apple cider vinegar tea

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Put a capful of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water. Add some lemon, honey and cinnamon. Mix it all up, and enjoy like a cup of tea.

This drink is packed with flavour and goodness, and may help you eat less and keep you feeling satisfied for longer during the day. It could also help your blood sugar to stay more stable if you suffer from big ups and downs.

3. Carob

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Carob comes from the pod-like fruit of the carob tree, and can be mixed into hot chocolate, smoothies, warm dairy or other milks (like almond or soy).

It is a rich, tasty product, and is good for digestion, high in fibre, and helpful to keep your blood-sugar and cholesterol levels in check. Just be careful not to drink too much as you will need to count the calories of whatever you mix it with.

4. Bone broth

Basically a watery soup made from boiling animal bones, this drink is a warm, hearty treat on a cold winter’s day. It’s packed with protein at around 9g per cup, and can also ease swelling and inflammation if you suffer from those symptoms.

Chicken bone broth could also help to clear a stuffy nose.

5. Chicory

Chicory (or chicory root) has been used for years in cheap instant coffees as it costs a lot less than real coffee beans while retaining a similar-enough flavour to satisfy the people who choose to drink these types of coffee.

Chicory is actually a great stand-alone drink, and is rich in fibre and other digestive aids which help your tummy to be happy. Mix it with water just like you would your usual cuppa.

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