Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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4 Jul 2021
7:17 pm

Mugg & Bean debunks fake news on restaurant closures

Kaunda Selisho

The Mugg & Bean saga has caused social media users to note, with concern, that yet another thing Masina claimed turned out to be false.

Masina simply deleted the tweet that started the furore and has not addressed his tweet or apologised for publishing incorrect information | Picture: Instagram

South African restaurant chain Mugg & Bean has had to debunk fake news that it would be closing down.

This after it found itself trending on Sunday when ANC Ekurhuleni Regional Chairperson and Ekurhuleni mayor Mzwandile Masina said the franchise would be closing.

“Morning people of South Africa, as we are busy arguing why Zuma must be incarcerated, Mugg & Bean SA has announced its permanent CLOSURE in SA. Since the start of the pandemic, when are we going to start discussing problems that confront our people?” tweeted Masina.

The mayor has since deleted the tweet.


A tweet from Mzwandile Masina about Mugg & Bean closing down | Picture: Screenshot

Mugg & Bean disputed Masina’s claim, calling it fake news.

Like most other restaurants across South Africa under level 4 lockdown restrictions, sit-down dining at Mugg & Bean is not available, however, delivery, collection and takeaway options are available.

Social media users noted, with concern, that this is the second time in the last few weeks that something that Masina claimed with certainty has turned out to be false.


Mzwandile Masina says he is willing to go to jail for Jacob Zuma

Last month, Masina responded to a tweet shared by Government Communications director-general Pumla Williams (@mirriamp):

“Dear @mirriamp we’ve found the family and we are informed babies are well. Will share the information with National Gov, I know we were a joke ystday when Gov was genuinely looking for family. Some of our local comrades have been assisting this family. So we are good OK.”

Williams had expressed concern about not being able to contact Gosiame Sithole or verify the births.

Social media users poked fun at Masina.

Masina has not addressed his tweet or apologised for publishing incorrect information.

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