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14 Jan 2022
3:24 pm

These are the foods South Africans ordered most in 2021

Citizen Reporter

Beef or chicken? Sushi or burgers? Two of SA's big cities, Cape Town and Johannesburg have very different taste buds when it comes to ordering in from their favourite restaurants.

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It is inevitable that different cities in South Africa have different palates and favourite dishes, and this couldn’t be more true for Joburgers and Capetonians.

Bolt Food collected data from these two megacities to find out what they ordered the most from their food delivery app.

They found that Johannesburg customers ordered chicken twice as much than Capetonians. In contrast, Cape Town customers love seafood, with roughly nine fish orders for every 11 orders of chicken. 

Capetonians ordered much more sushi, placing close to 100 000 orders in 2021, while Joburgers only ordered sushi just over 10 000 times.

A well-known perception is that locals love their meat and this couldn’t be more true as both cities preferred beef over chicken.

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Nearly 10 out of every seven orders was for chicken in Cape Town while Joburgers chose beef twice as often as they did chicken.

Cuisines from other countries were also amongst some of the most popular dishes being ordered with favourites being Indian and Italian food.

Capetonians ordered more Indian food than they did Italian, while Joburgers ordered Indian food about two thirds more than they ordered Italian food. 

The favourite burger joint in the Mother City was the Brocka Cheeseburger from Brocka in Rondebosch. In Joburg, the classic Original Spur Burger from the Texahana Spur came out tops.

The busiest food delivery restaurant in Johannesburg was the San Antonio Spur, while Roccomamas in Rondebosch, Cape Town was the busiest in 2021.

James Townsend-Rose, country manager for Bolt Food in SA says food delivery apps like themselves and others have become more popular in the last couple of months.

He said the popularity of the apps can be attributed to the fact that many South Africans have been confined to their homes because of various lockdown levels, while others just prefer to eat food from their favourite restaurants in the comfort of their own home or offices.