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What is bubble tea, the popping pearls beverage?

The popular Asian beverage, bubble tea, is getting a South African twist.

A beverage taking over the streets of market stalls and malls, bubble tea is a phenomenon taking over the world. 

A beverage from Taiwan is commonly known as boba, it is a blend using tea concentrate, as a base such as green tea or black. Ice is then added, fruit and/or fruit juices, along with bursting boba or popping pearls, which explode in your mouth when you bite into it.

Something that will you either love or not. 

The fruity flavours of bubble tea have become quite popular, particularly because of the bright colours and the rise of tea as a drink of choice. 

There have been bubble tea stores across the country over the last few years, however, the trend is coming back with a bang. Social media pages have even been created for bubble tea lovers to find stores near them.

There is also a South African added touch to the cold beverage. 

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Rooibos is a versatile brew and young businessman Ben Stein, the founder of Ben’s Bubble Tea has taken advantage of this. 

Rooibos has many health benefits due to its abundance of antioxidants. It is also a versatile herb that can be used in savoury and sweet dishes.

Stein has created a rooibos bubble tea, a distinct taste that plays with colours and flavours. 

“I wanted to create something different, so I experimented with rooibos and it’s by far our best seller. Unlike other types of tea that have an acquired taste, rooibos is flavourful and full-bodied,” he said in a statement.

Stein explains the flavour is naturally sweet with notes of vanilla, honey and caramel blends.

His company currently has five rooibos flavours which include mixed berry, mango, passion fruit, watermelon and peach. 

Ben’s Bubble Tea is the fastest growing bubble tea locally, just operating for the past 18 months. 

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele

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