Hein Kaiser
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11 Aug 2021
3:44 pm

Six ways to orgasm that you probably didn’t think of

Hein Kaiser

Whether you are on a date with yourself or your partner, getting more out of your orgasm can take sex to the next level.

Whether you're doing it alone, with a partner or in a group, here's how to take your sex to the next level with some fiery orgasm tips. Picture: iStock

Whether you are on a date with yourself or your partner, getting more out of your orgasm can take sex to the next level.

Because yes, it’s possible to have an average, medium or mediocre climax, but it is always more fun when the destination of each journey can be spelt with a giant “O”. It can be that good, all the time. Or most of the time.

Here are some great tips to up the ante and navigate pleasure.


Close but no cigar, it’s called edging according to health.com and it really means to back off while the going is going.

When you feel that you are close, or when you notice that your partner is close. Slow it down. Back off for a bit, and resume after about a minute. Do this a few times and when you and your partner eventually get there, the intensity can be indescribably pleasurable.

Edging can also be unplanned. Like when the phone rings unexpectedly or the dogs start barking, anything that takes you out of the crazy moment, but that’s still easy to return to hotness a few moments later.

Introduce some new toys

Whether you’re in DIY mode or coupling up, introducing some good vibrations may turn any lustful session into a love parade. For him, there are various wraparounds available that can buzz the male orgasm intro the stratosphere and for her, a wide range of penetrative or clitoral vibrators, the duets the ticket to double exclamation marks.

Play in new zones

The small but incredibly erogenous perineum, the small area of skin that connects a man’s testes and his bottom, could send any Adam to Eden.

In her book The Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, co-author Arlene Goldman says that the area is packed with nerve endings, so it feels sensitive. By applying pressure to the area, it could create multiple male orgasms.

It’s not always about the penis

Penetration is also not the be all and end all for women. Home alone or in company, the clitoral orgasm can be one of the most satisfying sensual experiences and, says website everydayhealth.com, apart from just achieving orgasm, the good news is that playing this way can also help with conception.

Stimulate other erogenous zones, says sex therapist Jenni Skyler in Mind Body Green. For women, this could mean the nipples, ears, inner thighs and her neck. She says that only 25% of women can reach orgasm via penetration alone, so guys, consider the clitoris, other non-sexual areas on the body and, of course, ensuring that her mindset is right for the moment.

Build it up

Whether you are sitting in front of the TV or at dinner in a restaurant, be playful, dash off to the bathroom together for a quick tease or turn the couch into an oral paradise beneath a blankie. Tease. Use text messages in a long-tail, run-up to the evening. Create anticipation. Climax can really be like climbing a mountain and reaching the peak, a journey.

Go alone, you’ll go far

Ditch sex and go it alone, or when paired, use your hands and your lips. Sex and orgasms do not have to be about penetration alone. After all, the end goal is fun, and an orgasm can happen almost anywhere if you play it right.

Getting it on alone is not only healthy, says WebMD, but it can be a lot of fun. It’s also the perfect opportunity to work on your own sensual techniques, delaying orgasms and allowing fantasy to drift anywhere. Go oral, just as much fun, and switch it up between mutual masturbation or lip-syncing to your partner’s pleasure.