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12 Oct 2021
4:28 pm

Get round peaches with Amanda Du Pont’s booty workout

Xanet Scheepers

You don’t have to go under the knife to get a booty like Beyoncé, this workout and advice can get you results in time to hit the beach in December.

Images: Instagram | @amandadupont

A flat, heart-shaped bum is so 1990’s.

Big, round booties became the new hottest fashion accessory when Kim Kardashian first started strutting the red carpet in the early 2000’s. Her derrière made headlines again in 2011 after her 72-day marriage to NBA Player Kris Humphries. Kim wore a wedding gown, designed to show off her booty, which had fans speculating that she had some work done.   

If there’s one thing women worldwide have in common, it’s their desire to have a perfectly toned, voluptuous booty to show off in everything from a skimpy bikini, to your favourite pair of jeans.

Not everyone has thousands of Rands to spend on cosmetic surgery to get Kim K’s round booty, and while we have Freddy’s jeans to help us along in that department, this booty workout from Amanda Du Pont won’t cost you nearly as much money as the above options.  

There’s just a little over six weeks left before December, which gives you plenty of time to tone up before you hit the beach.

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How long does it take to get a toned bum?

Don’t expect to go from a flat behind to full-on Kim Kardashian in just six weeks. With consistent diet and exercise, you should start seeing results within the first month of your butt-toning programme.

Squats alone, won’t make your bum perkier

Unfortunately, just as doing a thousand sit-ups everyday won’t give you a sixpack, the same applies to squats. In order to get the booty of your dreams, you need to work out your entire body to lose overall body fat. It might look like your bum is actually shrinking in the beginning, but be patient, if you follow the right programme, not only will you tone your butt, but the rest of your body will get leaner and toned too.

What to eat for a bigger bum?

Personal fitness trainer and Instagram influencer known as “The Booty Doctor”, Cashawn Sims,  suggests loading up on carbs in the form of sweet potatoes to get that booty growing. She also recommends following a well-balanced diet that includes healthy fats like salmon, pistachios, peanut butter, and green vegetables like cabbage and brussels sprouts.

Another handy tip from Sims is to drink a protein shake 30 minutes after your workout, and to eat something before you train as well.

“Your workout will burn the food off, and then your post workout meal is strictly going to your booty versus trying to feed your whole body,” she told USA Today.

The workout

If you’re a beginner, start slow with two sets of 12 repetitions per exercise. If you have been training for a while, try for either three or four sets of 12 repetitions per exercise. Do this workout, or a similar glute workout, at least two to three times a week if you want to see results in six weeks.  

  • Weighted Bulgarian split squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted jumping squats
  • Leg Press
  • Standing abductor machine

Watch Amanda Du Pont’s booty workout for instructions below: