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Discover syntribation: Crossing legs to orgasmic bliss

Its subtlety, unlike other forms of self-pleasure, is on trend along with other social trends like going braless or commando.

Whomever thought that crossing your legs could deliver an orgasm? But it can, it does, and there is even a word for it. Syntribation is a form of masturbation that leverages your pelvic floor muscles and the pressure applied to your groin when crossing your legs to take you to the edge and provide some glory at the end. It’s orgasmic and while women are mostly beneficiaries of its payoff, many men achieve a high state of arousal at the very least.

The beauty of syntribation is that it can be practiced anywhere. Whether you’re somewhat bored around the boardroom table, driving, in a coffee shop or on the couch at home, naked or clothed. It’s an everywhere kind of fun that’s as versatile and discreet as it is sexy. And it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Reddit buzz: Syntribation sparks sensational discussions

Reddit users wax lyrical about syntribation. One user said: “Rhythmically squeezing your thighs is intensely pleasurable, even if you don’t orgasm. And when you do…well, it is amazing. Especially if you are in a place where you could get caught! I am so sensitive I do not even wear pants, only skirts and dresses. I have to sit squeezing myself with my thighs to keep some control over the sensation when I sit down. It really is a problem to be turned on all the time.” And there are thousands of posts like this.

Another post by a man describes how his partner pleasured herself hands free, even when they went to the theatre or movies. He wrote: “She would spread her feet apart and press her knees together and casually push one knee just slightly above the other. Up then down. Up then down. To most, it looked like she was merely bouncing her legs up and down with her ankles, casually letting out nervous energy. What she was really doing was clenching each inner thigh muscle rhythmically as the pressure from her knees being pushed together channelled tension into her pelvic floor,” he penned.

The impact of fabric tension, when clothed, increases arousal in both men and women and several online chat groups also carry posts by men who say that they can easily reach a high state of arousal or orgasm through syntribation.

Mastering hands-free pleasure

There are a few basic steps to successful hands-free masturbation. What you wear, or don’t, and the use of props when you can all contribute to a varied and enriching syntribation experience.

A Reddit user called Holly explained the basics: “I do it a couple different ways. After crossing my legs, simply squeezing them tightly and applying pressure can do it. Squeezing in short intervals seems to work way better. Rocking my hips back and forth, or even up and down can get me off. I personally don’t like to double cross my legs, but that’s a very popular way of syntribating,” she wrote and added that when her legs are crossed, “of course one foot is kind of hovering in the air. Sometimes, I try to force my toes to touch the ground with that foot; it just adds pressure.”

You can syntribate while wearing almost anything. For men, skinny jeans or fabrics with somewhat rougher textures tend to do the trick or at its opposite, a silky, satiny set of boxer’s underneath could enhance the sensation. Women report that leggings, skinny jeans and skirts can all be used, not wearing underwear enhances the sensation at times, physically and psychologically and especially in public places. Selecting textured panties like lace can help to do the trick. Wearables such as small dildos can be added into the mix to enhance pleasure.

Tips for an enhanced pleasure experience

Enhanced syntribation can include using a pillow or a blanket folded between your thighs, in the shower or bath. A soapy and slippery experience is suggested while syntribation during intercourse has been said to take orgasms to another level entirely.

Like traditional masturbation, online conversation lauds the benefits of syntribation, both physical and mental. It is an excellent option for those who seek a discreet way to masturbate. It’s also ideal for individuals living with roommates or in shared spaces or simply to spice up your day any time, any place. Its subtlety, unlike other forms of self-pleasure, is on trend along with other social trends like going braless or commando. It’s also a natural way to relax and enhance your mood.

Syntribation is versatile for both men and women and can be combined with other forms of sexual activity. Whether using a vibrator, engaging in foreplay, or incorporating it into intercourse, syntribation can enhance the sexual experience. But it’s the daring nature of it, the sleight of movement, that really adds to a personal, solo experience that can be better than any other means to brighten your day.

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