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Here’s why it’s not necessary to clean the inside of your vagina

“Your vagina should have a smell, but it’s definitely not vanilla and roses.”

Believe it or not, but your vagina is self-cleansing, so there really is no need to douche to cleanse the inside of it.

While doctors around the world have warned against the dangers of douching – washing out your vagina with homemade cleansers, such as a mix of water and vinegar, or off-the-shelf feminine products and washes – it remains a popular trend.

In her latest vaginal health announcement, Woman’s Health advocate and reproductive health physician, Dr Zobo says it’s natural for your vagina to have a smell, but that smell should definitely not be vanilla and roses.

She explains that the vagina should smell clean, and that there is no need for you to clean, cleanse, wash, steam, roast and spice your vagina for any reason.

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Misconceptions about cleaning your vagina

“I understand that when we talk about cleaning the vagina, there’s usually one big misconception – where is the vagina? To be able to answer the question ‘where or what is a vagina’ you need to be able to find out what it isn’t,” says Dr Zobo.

In the video clip she shared on her social media channels, she uses a mould of the external female genital area to explain the different parts and where they are positioned.

She says if women want to take care of themselves and clean down there, you can clean the external genital area (as depicted in the video) with just water.

Watch the video of which parts of your vagina to clean below:

“If for any reason you feel you need deeper cleansing, you can use mild unscented soap for the external area. There’s no need, absolutely no reason to insert anything or any agent inside to try and clean yourself,” says Dr Zobo.

She explains that biology has already made it [the vagina] in a way that your body can cleanse itself from inside, adding that it already has everything it needs.

“Any other ‘additives’, while seemingly harmless and trendy have the potential to upset the normal flora, depleting the number of good bacteria meant to protect that area. When this happens, it opens up the vagina to infections it could have easily fought off.

“If for any reasons there is foul, smelly discharge, itching or any symptoms you are not comfortable with, you just might have an infection.”

Dr Zobo says if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should visit your doctor, warning not to self-medicate as you will be worsening your issues.

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