Arthur Goldstuck
3 minute read
6 May 2021
1:52 pm

Gadget of the week: Sonos Roam smart speaker

Arthur Goldstuck

Five key questions to ask about new Sonos Roam smart speaker.

The Sonos Roam smart speaker is built for the outdoors.

What is it? It is a compact smart speaker, designed to bring Sonos technology and quality to the ultraportable segment of the market. How much is it? R3,990 at South African stores, $169 (around R2,500) online in the US, but you will have to pay shipping and customs duty if you buy it online, bringing it to a similar price. Why should you care? Portable Bluetooth speakers are so commonplace they are given out as cheap corporate gifts, with quality matching the price. However, there is a vast gap between a regular connected speaker and a smart speaker. In the...