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17 Sep 2021
9:48 am

Is your future partner waiting for you on this new Christian dating app?

Citizen Reporter

A Christian dating app has launched in SA to help you find your match.

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Online dating has boomed over the years, with the conventional route of people randomly meeting occurring less and less. The convenient way to meet someone is online.

Dating apps have the good and the bad, now more than ever people because turning to the internet to find their love match.

Turning to the online solution is sometimes the last resort for some people because everything else hasn’t worked. However, it has quickly become the first choice.

Paul Rider is the founder of SALT, a Christian dating app for people to find love based on their faith. He said in a statement that Christians are struggling to find other Christians on dating apps.

He says Christians traditionally have it tough dating and there’s even more of a challenge to meet other Christians beyond their own church community.

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With the pandemic, church congregations have been disrupted, making it difficult to connect as they used to.

The UK-based app SALT launched in South Africa in September. They aim to become the leading dating app for Christians to meet as they are in Britain.

Rider believes the stigma of online dating has largely fallen away

“I think it’s become the new norm and Covid-19 has only accelerated this process. For anyone who has a faith, be it Christian or otherwise, it forms the foundation of your life, how you make decisions and your approach to everything,” he says.

SALT can be downloaded on Android and iOS. User privacy and safety has become a high priority for users and the app only allows people to receive messages from users they have chosen to match with.

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Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele