How the HONOR Magic V2 foldable is the ultimate business tool

HONOR, a brand that is determined to close the gap in the competitive market, has spent the last two years hard at work to produce a tablet-like smartphone that is not only visually stunning but can also address the needs of the avid business person.

Smartphones have become prevalent in the business world – from the D-suite to the C-suite, to even start-up entrepreneurs – every career-minded person chooses a smartphone that has the capabilities to assist them in their business tasks.

According to Google, 75% of users say their devices make them more productive at work – whether it be a tablet or smartphone.

It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs and executives alike have adopted the use of devices with aplomb – it allows for a remarkable degree of responsiveness and agility in business – providing an even bigger edge over competitors.

With that being said, not just any smartphone will do when it comes to becoming an effective business tool.

HONOR, a brand that is determined to close the gap in the competitive market, has spent the last two years hard at work to produce a tablet-like smartphone that is not only visually stunning but can also address the needs of the avid business person with the HONOR Magic V2 – the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable device.

Four essential features have been identified when it comes to making a smartphone the ideal business partner, and how the HONOR Magic V2 successfully integrated these capabilities to provide the ultimate executive essential:


Productivity First

The majority of smartphones currently on the market were not developed to support productivity, they were designed for enhanced communication and entertainment. Business professionals look for a smart device that will enable them to work more efficiently.

One key advantage of the HONOR Magic V2 is its multitasking capabilities. This foldable device can run several apps simultaneously – very similar to a computer or laptop. Thanks to a larger tablet-like screen, those working on a deadline can open their email on one side while drafting a report on the other side of the screen – which assists in maintaining focus and increasing productivity.

Long-Lasting Battery

When it comes to using a smartphone for business needs, there will come times when people don’t have access to a charger or outlet during long work days. In situations like this, a flimsy battery might result in missing an important meeting or deadline – a device with a battery that can last longer than a 15-hour workday is essential.

The HONOR Magic V2 houses a 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery which offers a high-capacity battery in a slim, foldable design. An essential hardware feature, the upgraded battery promises an even longer lifespan, about 19 hours of consistent use on a single charge, which is especially beneficial for business professionals. Made to last throughout the day without compromise, the battery caters to the needs of individuals with dynamic, business-orientated lifestyles.


Top-Notch Security

Possibly one of the most important features – if business-critical data gets leaked – it could be the financial end for a business. Choosing a device that has been built for security means business-sensitive data is always safeguarded.

Knowing the difference between personal and private use – HONOR has developed a new feature called Parallel Space.

Users will be able to create separate profiles – each providing individualised and secure storage for confidential documents and assets – an ideal addition when using the device for both work and personal use.

Device Syncing

Every business owner, entrepreneur or executive is most likely to switch between a smartphone, laptop and desktop throughout the day. The tendency to make use of multiple devices means that a smartphone should be able to sync information between devices without interrupting the workflow.

The HONOR Magic V2 comes equipped with HONOR Connect – a feature that allows the user to automatically connect multiple devices in one ecosystem. Information and files can flow between devices seamlessly – providing a more convenient and efficient workspace for the professional user.

HONOR has developed a device that not only offers a sleek, durable design that can withstand almost any situation – but also acts as the perfect business partner for any executive.

How much does it cost?

Experience the Magic of the HONOR Magic V2 – available in Black with a special vegan leather back at selected network providers.

The recommended retail price for the device is R39,999.

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