Here’s how Honor Magic6 Pro prioritises user comfort with cutting-edge features

The Honor Magic6 Pro is not only an AI powerhouse that can keep tech-savvy individuals busy for hours – it’s also designed with human-centric features to ensure the user’s comfort is a priority.

Technological gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, are growing exponentially worldwide. These devices have become integrated into daily life by facilitating communication, entertainment, and work commitments.

Today, the trend has infiltrated almost every age group, with children becoming more invested in playing with tech devices than the plush toys that millennials and Gen X enjoyed in their youth.

According to a study by Exploding Topics, the global average for time spent looking at a screen is approximately seven hours a day, while South Africans spend roughly 11 hours on screens per day.

While technological advancements have helped society break geographical barriers and make information more accessible, they also pose some negatives — specifically, potential health hazards such as eye strain.

While the smartphone industry is dominated by big names that offer top-of-the-range features, hardware, and software specs, few of them focus on addressing the user’s comfort when using the device for extended periods of time.

Honor is a brand that’s dedicated to developing cutting-edge devices with first-of-its-kind technology to serve every need of the end-user. But more to that, Honor is always committed to keeping the user as a top priority during the development phase – which means integrating those human-centric features and technologies that competitors often leave as an oversight.

Keeping the user’s comfort in mind, Honor has developed the Magic6 Pro with several features that not only add convenience to everyday tasks but also safeguard the end user’s health.

NanoCrystal Shield

The Honor Magic6 Pro boasts exceptional durability and stability with the Honor NanoCrystal Shield, which has been verified by SGS-certified with five-star overall glass drop resistance in multiple scenarios. The Honor NanoCrystal Shield is 10 times stronger than normal glass, meaning users won’t have to worry about unwanted nicks and cuts caused by a shattered screen.

Honor magic 6 Pro
Picture: Supplied

Human-centric eye care innovation

Adhering to its human-centric brand ethos, Honor brought its Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to the Honor Magic6 Pro in line with this commitment. Featuring the industry’s highest PWM dimming frequency of 4320Hz with TÜV Rheinland flicker free certification, the Magic6 Pro provides a low brightness display that effectively eliminates the risks associated with viewing strain, as it exceeds what the human eye can perceive.

The Honor Magic6 Pro is the perfect companion for today’s digital-savvy generation who spends long hours in front of their screens.

Circadian Night Display

With people spending more time on their devices, this extended time impacts user’s circadian night rhythm – this means your sleep patterns can be unstable. With this in mind – the Magic Series flagship also features a sustomisable Circadian Night Display enhanced with AI for better efficacy.

Leveraging big data learning, this human-centric feature now understands users’ individual habits, bringing a customised user experience powered by AI intelligence. When this feature is enabled, the Honor Magic6 Pro’s display dynamically adapts to a calming yellow hue, specifically tailored to each user’s individual sleeping cycle, ensuring a more rejuvenating sleep experience for every user.

Honor Magic 6 Pro
Picture: Supplied

Nature Tone Display

Furthermore, with the Nature Tone Display feature, the HONOR Magic6 Pro dynamically adjusts to reflect natural colours based on the surrounding environment. This goes beyond conventional white balance adjustment and considers the brightness level of the surroundings. The device intelligently tailors the display to provide an optimal visual experience.

As the world finds itself deeper in the Digital Age, with the reliance on technological devices growing each day – the brand can safely say it has found the perfect balance of protecting its consumers from potential health risks while also offering a device that provides an unparalleled user experience.

Pricing and availability

Experience the Magic of the Honor Magic6 Pro, available in black and epi green at selected retailers for the recommended retail price of  R27 999.

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