Daily hack: How to create your own GIFs directly in Twitter

While GIFs are nothing new, capturing and creating your own using your iOS in-app camera is an exciting new feature introduced by Twitter.

Twitter seems to be bringing all kinds of tools to the platform.

After audio, Twitter is focusing on photos and, more specifically, GIFs. From now on, creating animated images on Twitter will be within everyone’s reach.

Goodbye memes, hello GIFs? Although, according to Vice magazine, GIFs, often associated with Boomers and Millennials, have become passé, Twitter evidently thinks otherwise. The social network has announced a new feature for its users, but only on iOS.

Those users will now be able to create their own animated images with the help of the camera tool present in the application, Twitter explains in a post.

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How to make a GIF on Twitter?

To create your own GIF, simply open the app, click the “+” icon to start a new tweet, then click on the camera icon to open the camera in the iOS app, then choose the “GIF” format. By pressing the record button for a few seconds, you will be able to automatically turn your video into a GIF. For the time being, users won’t be able to save the GIF created via Twitter on their phones.

Currently, only iPhone owners will be able to test this new feature. The platform said that the new option will be coming soon to the Android app, but it has not yet given a specific date.

In 2019, Twitter started allowing iPhone owners to upload their live photo as a GIF on the social network. Many smartphones are now able to create GIFs through the phone’s camera by directly transforming live photos.

Watch the video below to see how it is done:

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