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By Faizel Patel

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Logitech unveils two new devices for ‘equitable’ conference calls 

With companies redesigning office spaces for meetings, huddle rooms have become more popular.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and, South Africa got a taste of the future of equitable meetings with the launch of the Logitech Rally Bar Huddle and Sight AI camera.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has come and gone, the ease of conducting remote meetings has not diminished.

With companies redesigning their office spaces to create more collaborative spaces for their hybrid workforce, huddle rooms have become more popular

Huddle rooms

Charis Nicholas, Head of High Touch and End User Video Collaboration in Southern Africa said huddle rooms are popping up faster than companies can video-enable them.

“We designed the Rally Bar Huddle from the ground up to have the optimal AI functionality for modern equitable meetings.”

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Rally Bar

The Rally Bar is designed with built-in AI video intelligence, 4K image quality, and AI-based noise suppression and is quick to set up, simple to manage, and comfortably integrates with Tap IP through CollabOS and Logitech Sync when you need to have a meeting in a hurry.

It’s intimate, specifically designed for rooms of up to six people to ensure every participant is seen and heard in 4K clarity, so no dozing off during meetings.

Using built-in AI video intelligence, meeting hosts can welcome remote participants to the conversation without any interruptions.


Logitech Sight is an AI-powered tabletop camera that works with the Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to capture the perspective of meeting participants and track their conversations as they move around the conference room.

With dual 4K cameras and seven beamforming microphones, Sight captures conversations and nonverbals as they naturally happen. This, in turn, enhances employee participation and engagement by helping remote attendees feel as if they’re in the room.

Coming later after launch, Sight will enable RightSight with Smart Switching, adaptive intelligence that selects the best view between the tabletop camera and front-of-room camera, intuitively switching between views of in-person interactions and tracking conversations naturally.

Sight integrates video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

US pricing for the Huddle is $1,700 (R31,860) and Sight at $2,000 (R37,480). South African pricing and availability is yet to be announced.

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