WATCH: LOL! Rachel Kolisi tests her son’s patience during video game

Nicholas earned the admiration of Rachel's followers after handling a gaming disturbance like a true champ.

Rachel and Siya Kolisi’s son Nicholas was minding his own business one afternoon playing Rugby 2.0 on his PlayStation. Suddenly, his mother decided to have some parenting fun with him.

Their air freshener sits right at the top of the television and Rachel saw a perfect opportunity to distract him.

Rachel casually walks in front of the TV, but Nicholas pays no mind to her and continues playing his game, trying to maintain his view of the screen.


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The score of this game is Nicholas 1 and Rachel 0.

He displays the utmost patience as he keeps trying to manoeuvre around his mother’s presence in front of the TV. Throughout all of this, he never complains or seem irate.

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Rachel’s followers felt so bad for him, some acclaiming her for raising a patient and well-mannered boy.

Olwethu Leshabane’s comment earned a couple of reactions, observing that “he’s not even about to call you out”. One blogger, Mama Behind The Lens said: “My child would have screamed at me,” getting the most likes. This means a lot of parents could relate, knowing the consequences of coming in between a child and their favourite game.

Sonja Muller comments “you clearly have the calmest kids. I know a few others that would protest and loudly so.”

Not Nicholas.

The combination of the utmost attention to the game and his well-mannered demeanour do not allow him to call his mom out. Instead, he politely says “sorry mama” like he is the one doing something inconvenient.

Rachel and Siya are known for their light and fun parenting, so this is not a surprising prank they pulled on Nicholas.

Maybe this will become a parenting challenge, disturbing your child during a game to see their reaction.

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