Charles Cilliers
2 minute read
26 Feb 2019
3:36 pm

Record PowerBall winner says he’s going to remain a ‘general worker’ for now

Charles Cilliers

Despite now having R232m tax free in his bank account, the Capetonian says he doesn't want 'dangerous' people to be suspicious of his change in fortunes.

Lotto balls. Picture: Stock

In a televised interview, the anonymous winner of the R232 million PowerBall jackpot has revealed that he played the same numbers year after year since 2007, believing that his day would come.

The a 50-year-old blue-collar worker was in Johannesburg at Ithuba’s offices to have his massive claim processed.

He said: “I am very excited and glad that I won this. For me this will open doors for my kids’ education because that is very important for me.”

The winner reiterated that the first thing he was going to do with his winnings was “sort out” his kids’ education, but he was in no hurry to spend the money.

He confirmed he’d already received counselling from the lottery operator, and it had changed his perspective because “there will be a big change in my life, but I won’t spend money left and right. I will take my time and think through it.”

The winner admitted he’d previously been living from hand to mouth and had felt like he’d disappointed his kids as a provider. He had, however, prayed, and God had provided for him.

“I chose those numbers since 2007 and I believed the slogan ‘one day is one day’, and my day would come. I played the same numbers every year whenever I got a chance to play.”

His advice to other jackpot winners was: “Whoever wins the next jackpot, just be yourself, respect yourself, respect other people … especially the people at Ithuba’s offices … and take it step by step. Use the money carefully.

“Education is very important. Support your kids with whatever they need. If the money is there, give it to them.”

He surprisingly said that he would keep working as a general worker for the time being, or people would get “suspicious” of his sudden change in fortune.

“We are going to save, and won’t live for the world to see, because it’s very dangerous out there.”

He answered that the one thing he’d always wanted, which he’d now spoil himself with, was a house of his own “so that my kids and me can be under one roof, where we can love each other and care for each other”.

Ithuba’s corporate relations executive Khensani Mabuza said the winner became the richest national lottery jackpot winner in South Africa, taking the title from the 34-year-old R145 million jackpot winner, who had claimed their prize in August 2018.

The jackpot had rolled over 23 times before being won.

There will be another draw tonight, with the PowerBall jackpot at about R4 million and the PowerBall Plus jackpot around R39 million.

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