Green Valley Estate to provide ideal green lifestyle living in the city

Tired of the ever-growing fuel costs every month and
wasting time in traffic?

Would you like to live minutes away from your office, work, medical, shopping and educational facilities? And also, in the heart of Mbombela’s fastest growing precinct? Also surrounded by nature? An amazing investment opportunity with lock-up-and-go living, away from the noise, outside of town, but within a short distance from the business hub and inside an estate, is what most people desire these days.

People want a secure, eco-friendly living environment that will allow them the freedom to live and experience life and its euphoria. And the local developers of the Green Valley Estate, within the Riverside Precinct just on the edge of the Greater Riverside Biodiversity Initiative, have applied mindfulness to the design and layout of its eventual 590 units. With half of the estate’s borders meeting with indigenous greenbelt reserves, the intention is to combine urban convenience with countryside quality of life, and to ensure the highest standard of quality. Part of the estate will be dedicated to running and educational indigenous plant walking trails, secluded braai spots, a fitness park, jungle gym and a few bird hides near a new irrigation dam.

Children can chase butterflies and fly their kites, enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and well, just be kids. A swimming pool, clubhouse and communal braai area will be added during Phase 2 of the development. Think and smell: picnics with fresh baguettes, coffee from the Stanley, chips and marshmellows, a yogurt and fruit dessert or apple pie with custard. No man, please, just shut that door! Norse Projects, one of the most established construction companies in the Lowveld, presents this development as an attractive investment opportunity. Green building techniques, in combination with precast elements and innovative systems, like bulk gas on-tap solutions to the living units, are at the forefront of this estate. Add to  this energy-efficient lighting, smart metering for gas and electricity, eco friendly waste management, fibre, premium Geberit plumbing systems, controlled access and electric perimeter fencing, and best of all, a Curro school just across the road!

Green Valley Estate will offer seven unit options, starting with one bedroom/one bathroom to three bedrooms/two bathrooms – or differently put – 45.5 to 97.4m2 in size. They will fit each unit with modern quality features and fittings and the options of additional extras to customise each unit to suit your dream. And here’s an interesting tidbit; none of the living units will have passages.

Why not? “We have optimised the space for improved interior design and ergonomics,” said the developer. The local developers of the estate area are a consortium of established Lowveld professionals that formed Greenbelt Developments intending to develop this area into an ideal living, working and living environment. This offers integrity for investors and those owners who intend to make this their home. Green Valley Estate can be your working-in the-city-butstaying- outside-the-city dream come true.The choice is yours.

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Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate ticks all the right boxes for a carefree lifestyle

Flowering aloes are a wonderful sight every winter in the Lowveld. Not only do the striking colours of these beautiful plants brighten up the bushveld, but they also attract a variety of sunbirds that feed on the nectar. Because nectar is one of the main food sources for these birds, they are important pollinators in our ecosystems. They play a vital role in pollinating a number of iconic African plants, including proteas, aloes and bird-of-paradise flowers.

To date, five species have been identified at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate and every year its residents are treated to spectacular sightings of these tiny, but special birds. The nest of the scarlet-chested sunbird is built solely by the female. It takes her about three to six days to complete the pear-shaped structure built of dry grass, stems, leaves and bark, which is often held together with spider webs.

Speaking of houses and construction, Likweti has been buzzing with building projects the last couple of months. The third phase’s third developer house (Erf 32) is nearing completion with groundworks for the fourth (Erf 52) starting soon.

Several private building projects are also currently under way in both Likweti Plains (Phase 2) and Likweti Views (Phase 3). Judging by the number of stands already sold and reserved at Likweti Views, this phase seems to be ticking all the right boxes for buyers who are looking for a carefree bushveld lifestyle in a top-rated wildlife residential estate. One-hectare stands with magnificent views of the Lowveld and are now selling from R1.1m.

If you would like to view the estate and the property for sale by appointment, please visit or get in touch with one of the mandated estate agents.

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