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Indigenous games to play with ‘Abo Mzala’ this festive season

Here are some of the games to play during the festive season , dibeke, diketo, drie stokies, intonga, jukskei, kgati, khokho, morabararaba and incuva.

Family get-togethers and goodwill are common over the Christmas holiday season, so are indigenous games.

Indigenous games are a big part of keeping everyone entertained during their visit to abo Gogo. These games are cultural activities which helps to preserve culture and promote social cohesion and unity.

Here are some of the games that abo mzala can play in order to be entertained and keep fit:

Games like dibeke (running game) and khokho help everyone keep fit at the very same time they are entertaining and inspire team building.

Morabaraba is an indigenous board game that fosters analytical and strategic thinking. It similar to chess and helps to keep the brain active, helping people think outside the box.

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These games are a cost effective recreational sport.

Some of the indigenous games’ codes are: diketo (co-ordination game), incuva (board game), jukskei (target game), kgati (rope jumping), intonga (stick fighting) and driestokkies.

Here is a quick fact about drie stokkies.

The game is played by a team consisting of six players. The teams can be mixed gender and needs to compete against another team of the same number of players.

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An athlete who wants to participate in this game should have the ability to get maximum lift from the grass to jump over the sticks. The three sticks are placed one metre from each other on the grass. Players of the two teams line up, run and start to jump. The players should only step once between the sticks. When a player jumps between the stick he or she is not allowed to touch the sticks with his or her foot

The scoring of the game.

The last stick must be moved from where that player stops to where his or her heels rest. The team member who jumps the farthest wins.

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